Zero cost money project, as long as you are willing to do it can earn thousands of dollars a day!


One of the characteristics of a great event is: good at relying on strength, borrow heat to create a successful situation, so as to be able to do a difficult thing to do, to achieve their own life planning.

Recently, the TV drama “The Storm” is very popular, and people are talking about it everywhere.

Looking at its cast, it is inevitable that this play is popular:


Hong Lei, Zhang Yi, Wu Yue, Wang Zhifei and many other powerful actors, plus the insidious subject matter of the crackdown, really hang the audience’s appetite.

On the one hand, it exposes the dark side of the society, on the other hand, it declares that evil triumphs over good.

Watching this kind of play is really addictive.

Whatever is addictive is profitable in some way.


Drama is no exception.

Tencent charges

We can open Tencent Video and see the ratings:

Regular users: Only watch level 12

VIP users: You can watch Level 15

VIP Pay: You can watch Level 20

Is it stinging? Is it disgusting?

Open members to dozens, members and members after the full set.


Most people still have a steelyard in their heart. For such a little entertainment, they would rather not see it than pay. But if there is a free channel to see all of it, they are willing to pay.

This is a business opportunity.

In fact, similar gameplay, I’ve talked about before is very popular.

Such as Qingyu, tomb robbing notes

“, the name of the people, more than crime, Jay Chou’s new song, basic gameplay are consistent.

Whatever the audience’s attention is attracted to, we provide them with something, and the traffic will come naturally.

1. Search engine optimization

This is the search drop-down bar of 360 browser, and you can see that there are many people searching for full resources.

Let’s go to hundred

High weight platform optimization keywords can be referred to:

Black storm Google cloud

Black Storm HD online

Black Storm Complete collection

Black Storm Free resources

Black storm Thunder download

Black storm Google Cloud Complete collection

Black Storm HD download


2. Forum community interception

Douban, Tieba, city information network

, film and television exchange area, Quora, Weibo, Toutiao, public account, etc

3. Community drainage


Create a community and use names to stop the flow.


Prepare the relevant words, passive suction powder.

Such as:

Just got a black storm 1-27 full set HD network disk resources, direct sharing will be harmonious, there is a need to directly add me, I

Send email or network disk friends private to you, resources easy to fail, first come first served.

When someone friends you,

The second trick:

Hello, my friend. I bought the resource with my money, so I need your help:


Forward the above words my wechat QR code to the circle of friends, do not set the group visible, reserved for 3 hours,

I’m sending you the resources.


If it’s not convenient for the scrunchie, you can tip 9,9


Red envelope, I share resources with you.

At this point, you can enjoy the benefits of the fisherman.

Of course, if this resource is monetized, there is a risk of infringement, so I suggest you focus on the first play, using the resource to let others go

Help you do fission, help you rise powder, as long as the fans have, there are more opportunities to make money in the future.

As for this 9.9


It must be emphasized that we should give red envelopes instead of selling resources directly. Selling and thanking are two different things.

According to the Law of 28, even if only 200 people out of 1,000 tip, that day

Close to 2000



It’s kind of a small windfall.

200 out of 1,000 people that’s close to 2,000 a day



How to cash out later?

If you are Wechat business, have their own products,

For example, facial mask, clothing, weight loss, beauty makeup, daigou and so on, then these fans can do a screening activation


Make a few cost-effective goods, drainage goods, 9.9 enjoy a blind box, 1


Draw a prize and so on.

Find a way to make the first transaction with your users, which is to let someone experience your product.

If it’s ok, he can be a long-term customer in the future, and that traffic will be retained.

Generally speaking, e.g

If you have a precise following of 1,000 people, whatever you’re selling will sell at least 8-20%.

A product profit of 50, at least can bring you tens of thousands


That’s the value of fans.

And a wechat cap is 5000, a person to bubble net earn less can use ID card

Get 15 wechat out, and if you can fill up 10 wechat through several fission activities, then you will earn your first million.

This is not a joke. There are plenty of people doing this.

Learn more, think more, imitate more.

When everyone else is watching, how do you get through

The noisy flow of people to make money,

Then you won’t be far from the money.

Zero cost money project, as long as you are willing to do it can earn thousands of dollars a day!


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