B station alternative positioning muffled sound to make a fortune money play


What is the most important thing about a money-making project?

Ask a hundred people, can tell hundreds of answers.

However, in my mind, the project with the growth of traffic, is a good project.

That is to say, what we do today is to lie down and make money tomorrow. Isn’t that what a lot of people dream about all their lives?

What we have now

Efforts, also is not for the old do not move, can enjoy life comfortably?

When we do any project, we have only one thing to do when we decide how to monetize the back end. And that is to find the people who can pay for the cash.

Some people often say that the four-piece set, women love beauty, men good SE

Children should be wise, old people should be healthy.

These have been said rotten topic, just a general summary of the needs of the crowd, a sudden look is reasonable, but careful aftertaste you will find that are useless bullshit.

As long as you enter this industry, one hundred percent will be crushed to, carrying shorts out.

The reason is simple, all tell

You say this, he does not understand, with the development of The Times, these groups of people, interests, needs of the subdivision.

It’s not a general generalization of a group’s needs.

Under these conditions, we are going to talk about a novel project, the gameplay is very simple.

The novel project, it’s been written to pieces, the gameplay, the

A set, a variety of sea – cast – net method of obtaining flow.

Do these methods work? There is no denying that some are really useful, some have been played rotten, know more people, big competition, naturally lead to an industry saturation, decline, and finally leave a few can survive, share the huge traffic.


How can we get a steady flow from the huge flow and a growing flow group that belongs to us?

It’s actually very simple. We categorize the population.

For example, a lot of fiction apps categorize the content of novels. Male frequency, female frequency, urban, Xiuxian, and so on detailed


We also need to make a classification to find precise intended customers. The so-called accurate customers, is to see the title, or even the content, can quickly make a reactive action.

For example, if we target the teen group between 10 and 24, we need to know what are they doing right now? Their inner needs, to

And reading habits. And where they hang out, so that traffic can be targeted.

Although many habits and hobbies are hard for me to understand, they do not affect people to form a huge group of influence.

Light novels, for example.

I just heard this word a while ago, but, after learning about it

Later, I found that there was a huge traffic system behind the word. And most of them are teenagers with very high consumption power.

First of all, let’s understand,

What is light novel?

It’s a literary genre that comes from Japan in the form of a novel, a manga style of illustration.

It’s not very clear

It’s true, but it’s pretty much clear who the industry is and the fervent attitude that people have toward this genre of fiction.

Next, let’s find out where these young people hang out.

After screening and comparison, we found the crowd portrait of one of the websites, which is called B

Station. Maybe you are not unfamiliar with it, you may often go to it, but teenagers are the mainstream users of this site. Users under the age of 24 account for more than 60 percent.

Many people began to wonder, isn’t B station a video site? How can there be fiction? In fact, any mainstream user

The function of group demand, will let the website owner non-stop start the function they need.

B station inside a column function, most of the content, are in the form of text.

We are targeting light fiction, so we need to search for relevant keywords to find the content that this group of teenagers pay attention to.

Sure enough

“, light novel, is very popular here, so far, with a light novel download title, easily have 12,000 reading volume, and the likes and comments, not in a small number, you know, behind each reading volume, there is a live user.

I took a look, and I can pretty much confirm that this

It’s a marketing post. Bait is released from below.

A crowd of 1,000, a crowd of 500, and by the 20th they were all full. It seems to be in great demand. And the users are very precise, 12,000 reading volume, actually can let 1500 people quickly into the group, this is not our dream

For the precise flow of traffic?

I see people here asking, how do you monetize all this traffic?

As a matter of fact, it is very simple to understand their needs. I have learned that basically the groups who read this kind of light novels have a strong demand for the animation in them.

I did a search, and there is, indeed, an anime business

Not bad.

At this point, we’re done with the whole program. However, behind the hidden flow group, you can dig deeply, this is just a light novel power, if you have ten full crowd, or even 100 full crowd, can bring you benefits, is absolutely beyond imagination.

B station alternative positioning muffled sound to make a fortune money play


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