Foreign net earn: the use of information difference to earn the difference, hand to hand teach you empty hand set dollars


Nowadays, many people have a part-time job, sideline has become a common thing.

Whether you’re a college student, an unemployed teenager, a stay-at-home mom, or an office worker, you can find a part-time job and start a side business in your spare time to bring in extra income.

I’m going to give you grades today

Enjoy a part-time platform from abroad, hand in hand to tell everyone how to use the information gap set of “dollars”

Introduction to the Platform

Let’s first introduce the platform briefly. Fiverr, similar to domestic VIP platforms such as Zhubajie, has a minimum task price of 5 US dollars at the beginning


Hence the name Fiverr.

However, he still has obvious advantages with domestic Weike platforms. For example, you may only charge a few dollars for designing a picture on Zhubajie platform, while the lowest price on Fiverr is 5 US dollars


Calculate the exchange rate, the lowest can earn about 30. So there’s a lot of people up there taking orders full-time.

The above categories are also very numerous:


There are sub-menus below the father menu, the categories are very many, here is not a screenshot, that is to say as long as there is a skill can be on the above skills into money.

There are a lot of friends will say, I don’t have any skills ah, that won’t make, don’t panic, look down, there is no skill to make money play.

How to Make Money

You want to

The premise of making money is to have a skill, resource integration is also a skill, let’s talk about the skilled play

Take the third brother in the picture below for example. He specializes in helping people to P photos. From the comments, we can see that he has received 1839 orders, 10 dollars per order


“Has made $18,390


Yes, that’s 780,000 USD.

So, learn PS can, pick a picture, add special effects really don’t be too simple, it is too stupid to spend more time, more watch the tutorial, bubble net earn I believe you absolutely do better than him, you can look at his design, bubble net earn I think average.

And this, drawing a cartoon out of a photo, this is fucking

Meitu Xiu xiu to solve the problem, really can’t AI, a lot of small programs, even better, actually sold 203 copies, but also divided into three specifications, face, half, whole body, the charge is very expensive.

Information difference gameplay

Of course, it is good to have a skill, but what do not know how to do, here for everyone

A job.

Is the use of poor information to make money, information asymmetry reverse play, make domestic money. Domestic orders and foreign orders.

We first determine a field, such as specialized design or subdivision illustration, graphic design and so on, and then go to the domestic Weike platform platform to take the task, or own a shop on Amazon.


Take logo for example, Fiverr logo design 5~3500 US dollars



Look at the domestic platform, 500~1999


Of course there are more expensive ones.

We are taking orders ourselves, the price is 2000 or higher, don’t exaggerate, Xiaomi’s new logo cost 200

Wan, just turn the square into an oval, take the single can find a foreigner order to do the design.

Like the 65


Yeah, if we work it out at 2000, we’ll make $268


Right and left, here is a point of attention, when looking for a foreign designer, must look at his previous works, find a few more comparison, control well

The price is fine.

The second way to play

The reverse is true. Take the cartoon avatar, for example.

We searched the cartoon on Amazon, and it was usually sold for 5 dollars and 10 dollars. We put it on Fiverr and it was only sold for 5 dollars


There is also money to be made.

There are a lot of outsourcing jobs like this in the country, such as

Card, P picture and so on, this is poor information.

Possible problems

1. Secure Internet access

Some small partners look at foreign websites, that must not be on, but this exception, domestic can also be on.

2. Payment and collection issues

Fiverr now supports four payment methods: Paypal, F

iverr Revenue Card, bank transfer and Direct Deposit.

PayPal is still recommended to receive and pay. Just go to the official website to register and open.

3. Translation problems

I don’t think that’s a problem. There are a lot of browsers out there

All have their own translation plug-in, if not use Google browser or go to the extension center to install a good, will automatically translate.

4. How to become a seller

Click in

Select Email to register

Fill in the steps step by step and follow the prompts.

It should be noted that the content should be in English, not in Chinese

Google Translate can help you solve the problem.


The project is essentially a very simple project that makes use of the poor information at home and abroad to earn dollars. It is a platform operation that does not require its own drainage. If you’re interested, you can try it.

Well, that’s all for today’s share,

I hope you can take a good look at the article’s operation ideas and processes, for their own to open a sideline road.

Finally, the same sentence:

Why do you have to worry about making money, it’s over.

Foreign net earn: the use of information difference to earn the difference, hand to hand teach you empty hand set dollars


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