Under the three-child policy, the old project baby name can continue to play, I will play a plate


Today I will give you a project, to put it bluntly, is the baby name project spread many years ago. A lot of friends may feel that this thing was done a long time ago. Is it outdated to do it now? Let’s look at the sales of a particular treasure.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not asking you to be the one in trouble. You

If you go in there, you’re either blocked or unranked. You can’t play.

Does that make the project obsolete? In fact, this is not the case, you can read this article you can judge, and so many outdated projects, you really practical how many? So I’m going to give you this one this time because it falls short

At zero cost, and more importantly, too many people need this resource.

Moreover, the country is now open to three children, no matter what the effect is, there will be a lot of demand for the name, of course, anything we have to take the data to speak, we have a look at the sales of a treasure above it. The first home page is more than eight thousand

People pay for it.

Can you imagine the market in the end is hot? Baby name is different from other products, the name is once in a lifetime, a good name may bring good fortune to the child, so as parents generally they will not save money in this aspect.

But in fact, it is very difficult for us to do the battlefield of a treasure, we may not even have to drink soup, after all, so many profitable projects, XX’s predecessors are difficult to let us go to the entrance, my friends here have tried, basically as long as you enter the store will be blocked, or how can not rank up.

But we can completely convert the depth to other platforms, such as a sound you can open a sound search name this keyword, you can see a lot of bubble net income data are very good, if you carefully point to look at the content of every blogger, you will be surprised to find every blogger

The content forms are very different, that one work in so many names, and then every day to send so many names, how did they come up with?

Of course, they are not on their own, but directly to a treasure search baby name software, a lot of search, not expensive only 5


Money can play


A sound this platform traffic is very vertical, after we start to start the name, as long as you insist on sending traffic is sure to be some, everything do not glass heart, do not just do a day or two without any effect on giving up. Do any project is the most afraid of the glass heart, brothers come on, do any project you insist on

. As for the name of the detailed tutorial online many, I will not elaborate.

Under the three-child policy, the old project baby name can continue to play, I will play a plate


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