Foreign net earn: Google handling money project, simple copy and paste novice can do


A lot of foreign network Z projects are basically inseparable from Google, especially Google’s cps, which makes little money on domestic platforms, but the unit price is relatively high when it comes back to China.

Many foreign projects do not need complex processes, such as the domestic need to receive code and so on, novice can also quickly get started in the project

Many foreign countries, today bubble net earn I share with you this Google project is the project of the handling class.

This project is simply copy and paste without investing any money, selling goods or having a lot of fans, in short

A novice

The kind that makes money, too.

Simply copy some text and glue it

Post it in an email, send it out, make money.

So we’ve talked a little bit about how this project works, and now we’re going to talk about how to do it.

So the first thing we did was we opened Google news, which is Google News, in Google Browser, and when we opened the link to Google News, I

You can see a news site like this:

In this news feed, there are tons of news and articles from all over the world. These are our potential resources. I will show you how to make money from these press releases later on.

In the left-hand column of Google News, there are categories like entertainment

Music, games, news, health, finance, and so on. As long as we focus on business, technology, entertainment, sports, science, and health, other fields like military and politics are out of our scope of choice.

Let’s click on a link like health, and let’s click on a link like meeting that comes up in a lot of fields like camp

Nutrition, health care, etc., then we click on the nutrition category, will see more articles under this subfield.

Open this article, and then we’ll just copy the content of this article, yes, direct transport.

Next, we will open the Spinbot site and take the copy we just made

The nutrition article is pasted in this blank space. Why copy it here? Because Spinbot is a website that rewrites text. It can rewrite articles directly.

That is to say, through the website of the draft, you can make an article and the original article is completely different.

Paste it in blank

After that, we click the button below, which is to verify whether you are a robot or not, and then click “GO”, the article that has been edited will appear in the blank below.

Next we copy this text, because this text is a new article, and we want to make money with this article, how

Do not make money, submission on other platforms is the best choice.

Here I’m going to give you a few target sites, word for word according to the press release


To put that in perspective, a 100-word article would make about $100



Now let me introduce you to the two websites where you can contribute:


Guidelines, first of all, this website is a blog, and the theme of this website is to teach people how to eat healthier, so the article we just developed on health nutrition could have been published here.

First of all, let’s take a look at its writer’s guide. If your submission is selected by them

Can get the payment, the following website contribution fee introduction, 1 word 1 United States



Now let’s go to the bottom, there will be a submission email, open the email, we just copy the article has been edited into the email.

Submitted articles will be reviewed by them if

The content is not so bad, basically the approval rate of the audit is very high, once the audit is successful, they will reply to an email asking you to provide the collection information, here, we can register a paypal, paypal collection email to them.

The resources of this project will not run dry as every day at Google

There will be a large number of new articles on the news, and these are resources after our manuscripts, so it can be done for a long time.

It doesn’t matter if the manuscript may be checked by others. At most, it will be failed. Next time, we will submit new manuscripts

That’s it.

Coaches Training Blog, this is a website on business and life, and we can also find content on Google News on a similar topic and copy, edit and paste it.

Read and understand this as much as you can before submitting to each site

In this way, we can increase the chance that our submission will be adopted, once adopted, equal to making money, and we don’t need to do anything else in the process.

Each site to contribute the price is not the same, so care about their own income, to be clear about these sites of payment information.

Foreign blogs, a lot of need

It takes a lot of time to manage and manage. We help to develop some articles. These platforms are very welcome, and the articles we post on the blog can also bring profits to them.

Finally, to submit articles to editors on these platforms for review, you don’t need all of them

Submit, partial submit is fine.

Now let’s see, this project is not very simple, directly copy and paste, the use of manuscript washing platform to earn original manuscript fees, if the operation is good, a successful article a day, there are several hundred dollars of revenue.

Foreign net earn: Google handling money project, simple copy and paste novice can do


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