New source code gameplay sideline making money projects, novice a single profit dozens of unlimited


Making money online, most of the projects are belong to the model of selling products, basically are around

What does it sell and how


As long as we can figure out these two problems, we will make money naturally.

I’m going to share it with you today, most novices

A novice

Can operate part-time side projects

Sell source code to make money can also make thousands of a month.

What is the source code:

For the source of this thing most novice do not know what is, but for some old drivers or do website development, APP development, or like bubble net earn such a personal webmaster know, we are building the website, building APP and some

Small program when you need to use the source code of this thing.

There are many types of source code, like when I build a website need to use the website theme is also called source code, a variety of different theme source code, are developed by others, directly set up can be used, in addition to like, APP source code, small program source code, all kinds of flat

Taiwan software payment class source code.

Source code this thing is basically developed by others, only need a little test, upload to the corresponding platform can be used, there is a charge of the legitimate source code, there is also a free crack version of the source code, no matter what kind of source code market demand is still great.

And this product is also virtual money

The source class,

Can be repeated sales, a source can sell countless copies, make countless money

And the way to obtain the source code is also very simple, you can spend a few dollars on Amazon to buy thousands of different crack version of the source code, you can also join some domain name forum VIP member access to other people’s internal resources.

Like a bubble

Net earn I built this website spent 100 dollars to buy the legitimate source code theme, the legitimate are more expensive, from hundreds to thousands of have, of course, there is also a crack version with the legitimate effect is the same, but less a authorization, but everyone is different, some people like to buy the legitimate, some people cheap to buy broken

It’s the same for all of them.

And in the current market environment, authorization encryption no matter how good it is, it will still be cracked by people minutes.

Online for a variety of source code demand is great, there are a lot of people by buying and selling a variety of source code to make money, as to how much money can only see their own degree of project operation is

How many?

The search index shows that there are still a lot of people searching for various source code classes every day, which is enough to prove that there is a market.

From the classification of the source code, such as the website source code, there are a lot of people in Google bidding to pay to make money, before the bubble network to make money I shared with you about Google bidding to make money

Some of the routines and experiences of the

Share through Google bidding to do profiteering products to make money on a single page of the project, easily into 50,000 + a month

“, which means there is no money to be made and no one will do bidding promotion.

Although these bidding pages are free to download the use of the source code, but when you go inside the page will still find some

No one is a fool.

Whoever paid for this promotion, they must have wanted to make money off of you.

This is just the source of the website class, there are some more violent source code, such as: spinach source code, fraud app source code, payment source code, movie APP source code, and so on these are more profiteering, sometimes a source

A yard can sell for tens of thousands of dollars.

What we need to do is to be a double dealer to collect the source code and then sell it individually or as a package to make money.

In front of you said to get these source resources is very simple, you can spend a few dollars on Amazon can buy thousands of sets of various source code, or join a

Some specialized selling source code inside VIP members to get.

And here we know for sure,

What to sell

This is a question.

How to sell it

The question is also very simple.

In general, most people need a source code, or they will spend money to find programmers to customize, or they will go to Amazon and Google to find a crack version of the source

Code, like bubble net earn I found a source code is better, will go to Amazon to see if there is no one to sell cracked version, if not will go to find developers to buy the legitimate version to use.

Programmers custom development and secondary development of this kind of basic not tube, because programming development these do not have a few years of study is not to understand.

To understand the

People naturally earn POTS full of pot full, like a few years ago Amazon customer class APP development, earn very crazy.

How to operate:

A novice

A novice

There are two ways to sell.

1. Build your own website to sell.

If you can build a website, you can build your own wordpress or zblo like mine

g program website, it is better not to use the forum form of Discuz program to do, because the forum is very troublesome to do.

If you don’t understand at all, you can also go to Google to find the relevant website tutorials, there are a lot of video courses, look at the day follow to learn to follow to do basically one or two hours can also make a belong to their own network


Really can not also on Amazon, spend two or three hundred dollars to find a station to help you solve the problem.

Build a good website, screen some of the more popular source code, like I said above, movie app, spinach, payment, website theme, small program class source code, see the introduction of the source code function editor write

Come, publish to the website, update a few original articles every day to optimize the website, obtain the passive accurate traffic of the search engine.

Of course, do the website or to learn the basic seo optimization skills, these on the Internet also have the corresponding tutorial, with the more you learn, the more you know about the website, naturally do

It’s getting better and better.

To do the website is a little more hard in the early stage, the later stage is basically passive traffic, and it does not need to spend any time, in addition to learning website construction for beginners who want to make money online, I still recommend to learn.

After the website traffic up, you can cash the way there is very

Much, the most direct is to sell source code, or sell source code collection, sell members, the website can also hang some advertising to profit.

2, Amazon sales or in mutual website sales.

Amazon sales of virtual resource products, is also a platitudine topic, from the creation of the store – upload baby – automatic delivery, these

There are corresponding video tutorials, you can also learn to complete these operations, and virtual resource products, do not need to design a more detailed baby details page like the physical product, simply do a main picture, do a detailed page to upload the product one by one.

Can also be in Xianyu, Pinduoduo this second-hand trading platform

Face, upload the product.

Pick a better source type, release it, wait for the platform’s own search traffic, and users can search for a deal to make money.

For example, a platform specializing in buying and selling all kinds of source code, such as Mutual website, you can register an account, apply for the platform and pay a certain deposit to publish products for sale

Sales, the year before the mutual website does not need a deposit, just register an account can release the source code sales, bubble net earn I remember when there was someone out of such a charge project, teach people how to make money through mutual website 0 cost resell website source code project.

Now there is a lot of traffic on mutual site, platform transport

As the revenue grew larger, it began to collect the security deposit, which seemed to be about 500 dollars.

This is not what, after all, this platform has traffic, high weight, Google included good, release good products set automatic delivery, low buy high sell to earn the difference is good, can be said to make money automatically.

In addition to these selling parties

Type, can also promote QQ groups where these users gather, drainage cash.

There are many methods, the operation mode is basically the same, after determining what to sell and how to sell the rest are some details of the operation, these still need to be studied and learned by everyone, stick to the implementation.

To sum up:

The above mentioned several

A way of sales, there are still a lot of places for beginners to learn, online money is not a lot of people think that playing mobile phones can easily make money, this is a big project of the system, we need to learn a lot of content, but as long as the heart to learn it is also very simple.

Study hard and stick to it

Making money is not difficult.

New source code gameplay sideline making money projects, novice a single profit dozens of unlimited

New source code gameplay sideline making money projects, novice a single profit dozens of unlimited


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