Reveal a money-making project that 95% of people don’t know about!


Friend asks: Is there any off-line part-time job that can increase revenue?

There are many projects such as Didi, waiters and stalls.

But before you do, think clearly:

Is the project replicable

How long will the gains last?

Will this job help you in your future?

If neither, then I suggest you change direction.


Money or no work, no money project, is purely selling time.

You work your ass off to sell time, 24 hours a day.

The body is bad, not cheap next door Lao Wang.

Let me tell you something I learned about my side business. I hope it’s enlightening.


Wedding photography or video industry

Because the wedding is near, so recently contacted here

There are more lines.

When taking wedding photos, photographers have assistants to help with luggage, equipment, lighting and other work, like we just take photos a day is very tired, let alone these assistants.

It was 9 p.m. after shooting the night scene, and everyone was tired. On the way back, I asked the assistant:

“You are every day

7 to 9 in the morning?”

“Something like that.”

“Isn’t that tiring?”

“Fortunately, the work is simple, and there is room and board. It is more comfortable than the construction work.”

“Eh? Work site, what the hell.”

“I’m an architecture major. When I get tired, I switch to photography. I’m studying here.”

“So you’re not a professional either

The assistant, the photographer.”

Did I get a leek cut?

“Ha ha, not really. The photographer is a professional. He has been in the business for nine years.”



He confided to me that the bar is not high.

For example: filming skills can be learned in as little as a week.

Taking pictures can be difficult, with lighting and angles,

Like following the wedding kind, only half a month from training is enough. Study theory for a few days, and then with three or five weddings can be used as a second location to shoot.

You don’t have to be creative at first, just follow the process, hold the camera steady, put the character in the middle, be a faithful chronicler, wait for the technology

Mature, then to consider the technique.

For example, you don’t have to buy your own equipment.

The price of SLR and camera is not cheap, many people think that it is necessary to have a set of clothes to enter the industry, but in fact, it is not, generally studios or studios are equipped with equipment, the corresponding commission on the line, like the general

The apprentice is quoted for wedding photography



, wedding camera 200-500



Of course, if you are skilled and creative, someone will offer you the equipment to shoot.

As for the method of shooting, there are a lot of wedding videos on the Internet, slowly imitate can.

For example: stable working hours and business volume

Weddings usually last half a day, starting in the morning

The door will be closed by 12 noon, if there is a full day request, then the corresponding pay will be higher. Off season every month to pick up 4-5 live, peak season to pick up 10 live, monthly income of at least 2-3000.

The more appearances you make, the more skilled you become, the higher your fees will be.

This is a sustainable, cumulative effect

The project should be.


Even if you’re skilled, you never starve.

But at the end of the day, this is still a skilled project with limited ceilings.

Your individual salary unit price may have increased, but the total value generated is still limited.

How to make time can be sold many times at the same time, the best way is still to integrate resources.

Like a bridal shop, a wedding

Industry, is a typical resource integration broker.

On the one hand, we will do a good job in marketing and cover the advertising on land, sea and air to attract precise users.

Side docking photography, with makeup, clothing, flowers, host, four King Kong, wedding car

Build a docking platform, the resources for 1234 reorganization, can open the door to do business.

It’s not that they have easy money, it’s just that society has its own division of labor.

Buying and selling houses, no time to run procedures to take people to see the house, there are real estate agents.

Buy and sell cars, no time to send ads to show people cars, there is a second-hand market.

Do study abroad, do not understand the process documents, there are study abroad institutions.

Knot good marriage, clear each link size matters

There are wedding plans.

Want to make money, can not find a good idea suitable project, there is entrepreneurship training.

Projects are based on human needs: listen to what others are complaining about.

If you want to make money, you can learn photography.

If you want to learn how to shoot, you can go to a master.

If you can’t find a master, you can become an apprentice.

There’s no place for apprentices. We can net

Study on your own.

At the beginning of the customer unit price low, even let the benefit said to do charity, rely on low price single to accumulate experience, constantly grinding technology, technology mature value naturally increased, find you more cooperation, then you can consider opening apprenticeship class, package employment, both tuition fees, can also receive single draw commission.

Learn to spend money on others

Between and resources, revenue will be qualitative improvement.

If you think about it, most projects are like this.

If you have neither the skills nor the inclination to learn them,

Try getting an old suit and a broken bowl and lying down in a busy place,

Perhaps a great man will look at your bones and wonder, and teach you a Rahman palm /

Waiting for the

Well, Gordo will come.

So that’s it. I hope you found it helpful.

Reveal a money-making project that 95% of people don’t know about!


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