Do you really give gifts? In-depth analysis of gift Blue Ocean project


To tell you the truth, I have been struggling for a long time to share this project, because there are very few people in the market who will share this project, not only because it can make you money, but more importantly, it is a right thing to do at the right time, which is likely to change

The trajectory of your life. So let’s carefully deconstruct the detailed process of this project:

Changing the course of your life is gift-giving, and it’s a college question. Send good, spend a little money to do great things; Not good, spend a lot of money to do nothing, may also offend people.

Maybe you hear the word gift-giving and scoff

However, don’t do that before you read this article carefully and refresh your old perception. Since ancient times, there has been a word called “reciprocity”. This is even more true today, when you ask for favors and gifts. In this way, both parties will benefit, and no one else will be harmed. In this way, you will mention

Do you hate giving gifts?

But the way you give a gift is important, and as mentioned above, it’s how you do the most with the least money. Let’s start with an experience shared by this friend: This friend was young and promising. He was always appreciated and promoted by his superiors.

By chance, he got the message

Guide want to buy a house, and do not know how to sell a house, so a brainwave, let his girlfriend to find a job selling a house, in the process of work met a lot of peers, but also understand the process of buying a house some ways and methods, and then smoothly recommend to the leader and a deal

Son, the leader was very happy, at the same time, his girlfriend also got a good commission.

In addition, the daughter of a senior executive of the company participated in the college entrance examination, which became a big issue in the mind of the senior executive for a period of time. Every day, they talked about school selection and voluntary topics.

Another time, I learned that the leader’s daughter was about to take the college entrance examination

Exam are special attention, often online to check some colleges and universities good professional and previous scores and other information, the friend learned that after, with their own knowledge of the computer familiar, spent a few days to earn many colleges and universities in the previous years of the bubble net score line, the school situation, and each university of the popular professional are whole

I printed it out as a document, and put together some methods and skills for filling in the volunteer. After I printed it, I found an opportunity to give it to the leader, who was also very happy.

Although, the gift is not very expensive, but very useful, can solve some urgent problems, this is the performance of gift giving, and

When he was informed of some small busy between colleagues, he would also take a very ingenious way to give gifts or help solve the problem, which was recognized by colleagues and leaders of the company. Once he was ill in hospital, did not expect not only colleagues to visit him, even the leader also sent an assistant to visit, visible, send the right gift, do the right person, is a how

Things that matter.

One dollar for people, ninety-nine cents for things

If something is worth a dollar and you cut it down to ninety-nine cents, it doesn’t change, you still get the same thing, you cut it.

If a person’s service is worth a dollar, cut down to ninety-nine cents, although the transaction, the service may be changed, reduced, can not be cut.

Not only can’t

Cut, but also automatically give him a quick one, you can get a value return, this is the wisdom of the Chinese ancestors: one piece of people, ninety-nine cents on things.

So, if you want to get to know someone who’s good at something, not only do you want to make them feel inferior, but you want to make them feel inferior by giving them gifts in a subtle way

You’ll save yourself more time to explore, which will create greater value for you.

Here’s an example: You chose the same two things: 2000


The mobile phone /2000


Which one are you sending?

You might think it’s two grand


Which one is the same?

No, it’s very different,

Although the price is the same, but gives a person a very different feeling, 2000


The mobile phone, we would think very ordinary. But 2000


What about the earphones? Most of us would think they’re high-end.

As headphones are relatively low cost performance products, dozens


You can buy something, and it’s $2,000


Yeah, it just came on in a second.

At this time, you may say, I rarely give gifts before, and I don’t know when and where to give what is the most appropriate gift, plus what to say when giving gifts, and so on. Don’t worry about this. The project we share today is not only for our own use, but also for the future

We teach people how to give gifts, and we earn the money for that training. The process of sorting is the process of learning yourself. When you finish sorting out these aspects of information and knowledge, you will naturally be a teacher. So how to do it, take a look at the screenshot below:

First, the finishing stage

First 50 peers, 50 content per day (see

Frequency main/audio/video), do 50 moments a day to activate the system. (If 50 can’t do it, then at least 30.)

Pay attention to your peers first. Go


, fast hand,

Social networking Sites

Such a way to find peers, to see how they are doing the content, words and transactions, imitation can.

One is the same

One is to peer content into their own content, copy change, release is ok; Two is their own hybridization optimization, three is to engage in their own original content.

Circle of friends is the same, every day to release a lot of value to activate the system, always to the core of the document.

Second, the practice stage

Products only: Focus focus only do gifts first

Don’t do anything else until you’re clear.

There is only one traffic path: attack one traffic path, and enlarge the operation after running through.

Operation system only: after running through the process to enlarge.

Drainage from the customer, directly sent him a gift of 60, which is a small part of the content after we sort out, can pull him into the group 66 small red envelopes

If bargaining, directly shield.

There is another way of thinking, is directly to find peers to buy their information, this is the fastest way.

When you have traffic, when you have a product (goods, services, materials, courses, etc.), you convert. Do any project first, and then slowly improve.

If everything is perfect before starting, then maybe the market will be occupied by others at that time. Action is an important way to solve all difficulties.

Do you really give gifts? In-depth analysis of gift Blue Ocean project


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