Is the novel distribution project easy to do now? Easily reach 200 a day with TikTok


All people cared about was how to make more money,

After all, everyone knows that money is not everything, but you can’t do anything without it!

So how do you make money? What about getting what you deserve?

Here’s an example:

If you do


The book list, then focus on that, focus on the field,

Take a year, two

I’ve been doing this for years,

As long as the simple things continue for a long time, do not want to make money is difficult!

And this process of qualitative change is actually a process of giving,

Have to give up to have, no pay, how can there be harvest?

Not many people really understand and act on this simple truth,

So there are always fewer successful people

The number!

Today, I would like to introduce a short video project:


Distribution of fiction,

See how others pass


Distribute fiction, 200 per day

With the advent of 5G, short videos will only become more popular, and those who are good at timing will get in early


Try short video monetisation.

Many people like to watch small

Said, after the novel as after the drama, girls prefer romance, boys like Xiuxian Shuang Wen.

Love to brush


Friends should see a lot of recommended videos about the novel, click on the home page to see, the number of fans are very considerable, although the number of video works is not high, but the work is very interactive, these are


A novel

Account number.

The Novel number is a perennial online business,

Not only strong operability, operation space is also large, the audience is very wide, so the cash ability is particularly strong.

Today, we will analyze the project gameplay disassembly in detail, as well as the realization of the way.

Disassemble the project gameplay method

There are so many fiction projects these days, because

For the low threshold, is an individual can do, just into a group can see someone in the novel, never tired of it.

We have to admit that the transformation in the group is getting worse and worse, so how to attract fiction fans? The common methods are nothing more than post bar, Weibo, wechat, but the disadvantage is that it takes a lot of time.

Short video now

The use of short video diversion is a logical step.

Without further ado, operation


What do you need to prepare for the novel?

1, certification public number.

2, simple ps, and video editing technology.

3, insist, insist, insist.

4. Do paid promotion when necessary.


The content shape of the novel number

There are mainly the following types:

1. Novel interpretation, this form needs to spend a lot of time, but also needs a certain technical threshold, grasp the tonality of the content, which is also a good way of differentiated operation.

2, static rotation picture song, this is relatively simple, in fact, is to find a few beautiful pictures,

Make a picture of the recommended novel and the introduction, use the form of picture rotation, and match the background music that matches the plot of the novel.

Making this kind of video, if you know how to Photoshop, will be an advantage.

The key to a good novel number is whether it can cause users to read impulsivity, the more refined the video content, the more capacity

Easy to attract users, so that other diversion behavior can be generated.

In order to allow users to get the information they want more directly, the video cover must be carefully crafted, coupled with attractive copywriting title, the first time to attract users’ attention.

How to cash out

In fact, the realization of the novel number is relatively single, mainly

Is to move the user from


To the public account or wechat personal account, through the CPS share form to earn commission.

The novel platform will help the distribution agent build an independent background, so that it can easily monitor the click rate of the novel, the number of orders, the number of registered members and other operational data.

It’s up to you to open up or

The agent model, a key to generate the promotion link of the novel chapters, as long as someone through the link to pay to watch, then the agent can get revenue, the better the operation of the public number will be more revenue.

In the choice of distribution platform, we must pay attention to the choice of formal platform, choose through the legitimate authorized novels.

This is crucial

, because the formal sales platform will not charge any fees, will not be unable to access the situation, not to your hard to make the bubble network to make distribution quantity of impound.

Considerations for novel distribution

Let’s face it, the industry is in pretty deep water:

1. Be alert to the means of “withholding” in the later stage of the platform

Dilute your profits.

2. Most of the novels to be distributed have no copyright, so it is necessary to be alert to the fact that in order to avoid supervision, the novel distribution platform will connect the link to the third party platform and forge the complaint link.

We must acknowledge and face the fact that when you are trying to harvest others, someone is also harvesting you.


Each line

There is the law of 20 to 80, making money is always a small part, any project needs to insist on and continue to try and make mistakes, anything, want to succeed without insisting, if you can’t continue to insist, then you are doomed to be a failure.

That’s all for this article, my recommendation is for you to improve

The understanding of the Internet industry, from which to analyze some valuable information for Internet entrepreneurs

Is the novel distribution project easy to do now? Easily reach 200  a day with TikTok


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