Foreign net earn: novice easy to 800 US dollars a month, alliance marketing strategy to make money


Often mixed in the overseas network Z circle friends, must be particularly familiar with the word alliance marketing, what is the alliance marketing in the end, one of its characteristics is passive income, all the framework is built for passive income.

So if we can properly study the logic behind affiliate marketing, we know that overseas platform to make money

Money, in fact, there are many opportunities.

Today I will give you the whole overseas money project is related to affiliate marketing, as long as you work hard at the early stage, you can also easily earn money later, especially when you set up a framework to make money, it will continue to bring you profits.

So Ben

We are going to talk about the project of making money through e-books. Of course, please don’t get me wrong here, e-books are just a medium. We don’t sell books, we don’t sell virtual goods, and we aim to download some popular PDF documents for affiliate marketing.

All right, so let’s move on to today’s project, where we’re going to

Use the first platform is the e-book website, the website of the e-book several beautiful


To dozens of beauty


No, let’s skip this and just look for free e-books.

Next, we’ll open Google Chrome, type in free plr downloads, and click on the first web site

Station is, here to talk about, before writing a lot of articles, some inside only a noun, and did not give the website, this we can find the same method with Google search keywords.

Ok, so let’s open this free ebook platform, and then search for the text you need

File, for example, if we want to find weight loss books, we can enter weight loss English.

Here we take an example, randomly find an e-book open, and then on the right is some introduction about the book, I will continue to scroll down, is download download, click download this book.

Download to this

To the ebook, decompress open, like this free ebook there will be a lot of links, that is, the drainage link, here we have to remove.

So let’s go to this ebook format conversion site ilovepdf, and then we choose PDF to word, and then we upload just below

PDF file and converted to word document,

After converting it into word file, we will open the file and preview it first. In this way, we need to replace all the links in the document and put all our product links.

Okay, so let’s go to digistore24,

This is an affiliate marketing website,

Please Register now, user name, email address, password and so on. If you don’t understand, you can translate the page into Chinese.

We log into this website, also to search for weight loss this keyword, remember to search and you

In search of PDF-like terms, this is conducive to our ebooks and merchandise matching.

Here, we can see the price of the product and how much commission we can get after selling it. We can Promote now below the product to generate a link of our own.

So let’s take

Copy this link, go to the ebook word document, and replace everything you need to change with your affiliate marketing link. This is using a situation of impulsive consumer psychology, where users are going to read this weight loss ebook because they have a need for it, and we’re not only

It provides e-books for weight loss and weight-loss products.

So as long as users buy this product, we can get the corresponding commission, which is our advantage of free e-books.

Next we want to re-output the ebook to save the PDF format, and then upload to the web disk, here recommended large

Home use overseas pcloud this web disk, registered free 10 G space, enough for our use.

After uploading the file, click Share to generate a short link to the ebook, and we will share the short link later.

Ok, now let’s go to Twitter and find out about weight loss

Popular posts in the promotion, the promotion here is very simple, the advertising slogan is “free to send weight loss strategy”, “weight loss ebook gift, teach you how to quickly thin down” and so on.

Do not need to be careful in foreign promotion, afraid of being blocked, this method of selling products, the success rate is relatively high, because one

A person who wants to lose weight, the first consideration will be their weight loss success, so ebook is to encourage, encourage you to lose weight successfully, with a simple foundation of trust and encouragement, the general impulse consumption is more.

There are many ways to promote this project, including Twitter and Facebook

Wrong, as long as the early to spend a little time to carefully do the ebook link, and then spend some time to launch, the rest is waiting for the commission can be.

This is also a major feature of the alliance marketing, the commodity commission is real-time to the account, and in the case of withdrawal, PayPal also supports direct withdrawal of US dollars to foreign countries

There are a lot of people who have been focused on affiliate marketing for years or even 10 years, and I still think there’s room for growth.

Foreign net earn: novice easy to 800 US dollars a month, alliance marketing strategy to make money


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