BT active drainage project worth tens of thousands, the late automatic lay to earn, the demand is strong and the market is large,


In the early days of the Internet, all the big bosses were running after this trick, and everyone wanted to master it. In recent years, with the strong rise of major we-media platforms and short video platforms dominating the screen, all the big bosses shifted the wind to the other side, and this traffic mode was gradually forgotten.

Remember is forgotten, not eliminated, never eliminated

As long as there is BT and the Internet, the reason why all the bosses forget is more effective than now


Ah, the headlines are slow to work. Don’t talk nonsense, just talk about how to play.

This project has two major benefits: make use of downloadable files for diversion or direct charging.

Operation process:

One. Make seeds

The method is as follows: First open

bitcomet, under the “File” menu in the toolbar, find “Make a torrent File”

A pop-up window will appear. Select “Single File” and click the button three points behind to select the video file to be converted.

Here, “List of Tracker Servers and DHT network Nodes”

It’s a must. Software is usually filled in by default.

Fill in the address below to generate seeds, and then press make to generate seeds.

The finished seeds can be uploaded to the network, and the seeds can be uploaded to the network for download and use

Two. Hair seed: Upload to the BT seed website

Three. Find the corresponding resources, embedded

Enter the file you want to distribute

Such as: push XXX baby agent, will be related video files, XXX baby video files embedded in the hotspot resources you want to use, and for the hotspot resources encryption. Want to see the password, you can automatically issue a card or bubble net to earn to add wechat or pay attention to the public number reply formulate keywords to obtain.

The password is valid for 3 days. After 3 days, change the new password and upload it to the BT website.

4. Obtain the seed website search method

1. Build a random ladder

2. Use Google search keywords [online torrent search]

3. Integrate torrent links to excel

Five. The last direct use of the card issuing website directly cash

You can directly use a third party or you can build your own,

Above are the outline, I take the popular night in recent years as an example to sort out the whole process.

1. Find relevant video source

We choose the first film source, the second has been made BT, his profit model will have the opportunity to disassemble later.

2. Pick three episodes

The trial (which requires a higher number of free episodes than the current one) does not require a password

3. Insert advertisements of other products in these three episodes for more than 10 minutes.

As for how to insert the advertisement to download a video clip tool, Google under the tutorial, not this specific practical operation.

4. Source of subsequent films

If the source is real, direct

Add password, if it is a fake film source then change the name and password, and then package as a compressed file, compressed file to add text to obtain password.

5. Make seeds

6. Post your password as a product on an automatic card issuing website

7. Upload to various BT websites

8. Sit back and get paid

This is the big project you’ve been waiting for

You can do many kinds of models, such as all kinds of novels, all kinds of tutorials and so on, to see what your own realization direction is, we can do more in-depth research. Next month will start to test the mobile phone reading automatic project, the profit is not high, single number single machine only 200 a month, after all, the automation of the east

West, I don’t really need to be supervised, just look at the script from time to time.

BT active drainage project worth tens of thousands, the late automatic lay to earn, the demand is strong and the market is large,


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