Empty – handed white Wolf day to earn 5000 profiteering projects


Any project process, is not a layer of the same, as long as the change of concept, the project process, packaging slightly changed, will become a new project.

Some time ago in my circle of friends, I saw a lot of people opened the so-called charge field company, every day people Wuyang Wuyang, known as, earn more than 5000 a day, attracting a lot of people

Eyeball, along the trend, then packaged into the company project, to sell, all channels to gain customer means, 39800 packaging.

I saw this kind of project, smiled, after all, are some free resources, but the operation process changed a bit, unexpectedly have a lot of people to join.

In fact, their so-called filling, is the recruitment of day workers, one

About $150-200 per person per day. After going to the company, the operator directly holds your mobile phone to download and register various apps. Each download will get a lot of commission.

Download 20-30 apps a day with high commission, which can basically generate considerable revenue. We create 5 per person

Excluding the employment cost, a person can earn about 300 dollars. Sometimes, when encountering new projects with high unit price, he can earn even more.

See this pattern, is not a little familiar, in fact, this pattern, is to push the upgrade version.

Push, many people are familiar with, especially college students,

It is almost the main battlefield of the push. The value of the gift itself is only more than ten dollars, but the high unit price of the APP can earn between 40-80, so the cost can be ignored.

A full-fledged 3 man push team, sweeps the streets of a college town, basically overnight

The payoff, no problem, $5,000.

In addition, there is another form, called net push. Net push, basically exists in the QQ group, there are some groups called single group, they master, is the channel, earn is the difference.

The following countless small teams, every day from the single group to receive orders, according to the rules to hand in the order, also earn

Some price difference.

Basically, a high price list, the difference is about 3-5 dollars, mainly volume. A single group of about 2,000 people can generate a daily profit of about 5,000.

They target groups, are part-time treasure mother group, some groups, do tasks also need to join, join

This is pure profit. Don’t ask me how I know, because I have people around me who pay to join just to do the job.

To analyze carefully, these three kinds of play, in fact, all change from its place, is the channel, poor information. You don’t have access, you just do what they give you, and some people don’t even know

Registering apps can make money. This is simply a lack of information.

In fact, for people who often do projects, it is necessary to explore information. Therefore, in my eyes, there are many platforms of this kind. It may be that the bubble network provides channels, which are secondary or even tertiary agency companies, but their prices

Absolute than many put single group, and even charge the price of the company by the advantage.

Because, the promotion is the need of magnitude, you can reach the magnitude, really help some apps to make real user data, this money you can earn, those are we can not imagine, are some top promotion companies to take orders. For example, one

Days, on the order of hundreds of thousands, even millions.

Then they continue to subcontract, divided into two, three, agents, agents from the inside continue to earn the difference. Ultimately, execution falls to a variety of small agents, dealing directly with the user.

If you are interested in this kind of business, I can recommend you some

A channel, in accordance with the above analysis of the focused project gameplay, can also be quickly operational.

This platform is called the first order website, in which a lot of task lists, the basic market on the relatively popular big company products, can be seen here. See whether you choose to go quantity, or choose high unit price of products, high unit price, do two every day

30. No problem. Thousands of dollars.

The second platform is called order receiving. Also a pie single platform, there are many channels to choose from. There are 5 free opportunities to see the contact information every day. You can go to see it every day. If the operation is simple and the commission is high, you can directly add the contact information and talk about cooperation.

The base

Originally, you have to do this line, master these two platforms, is enough, many first-hand projects, will be published here, also can find channels here.

Many people, always confused immersed in looking for a variety of resources, many people also deliberately shape the scarcity of resources, but they do not know that as long as the user group is large enough, there is always someone

Build a variety of platforms to meet everyone’s needs.

I have seen people who have been studying an industry for seven or eight years, but they have not taken a step forward. They have accumulated a lot of resources and contacts, and finally missed the opportunity to make money.

I’ve seen that too. You see a project, you execute it right away, and within three or two days, you get results and you make money

To the money. Slowly optimize the process, slowly scale up, and eventually the revenue overwhelms most people.

In fact, the way to make money, is also a choice to see, or choose to do. Do have the result, whether good or bad, look, although do not take the risk, but also doomed to mediocrity.

Empty – handed white Wolf day to earn 5000  profiteering projects


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