3 steps to find niche money-making projects, even beginners can earn tens of thousands of dollars a month


Making money is actually making poor information, if every project has to wait for everyone to know, published, you go to join, may earn relatively less, the best way is to explore the project.

So I always ask you to learn to find the project, as long as we can find the project, we can catch the project

Dividend, I often said before, no project to find, find what, find those platform advertising, every paid advertising is a quality project.

If someone is willing to spend money on advertising, there is money to be made, so if you just want to earn some pocket money, follow in the footsteps of others with projects such as

If you want to gorge on meat, you have to dig for it.

Today, I will use an idea of my previous project operation to tell you how to explore high-quality projects and what platform to use what method, we can discover a lot of cost-effective projects by following these methods.

The first is the second-hand account

The direction of

What does this second-hand account mean? It is the platform that sells the account, such as Quora account, Toutiao account, Sina account, Jingdong account and so on. How will the price of these accounts be affected by the project

The price of your account must be relatively high, on the contrary, the price is relatively low, this truth we should all understand.

Therefore, we can use such a rule to find some platform accounts with relatively high prices, or at least get such information. There must be a high-profit project behind the accounts with high prices.

There are a lot of platforms selling accounts on the Internet. Some of these accounts may be unheard of, but behind each account there is a marketing project, otherwise these accounts may be uninterested.

Then we will find such a platform, and then according to the account to find out the back

At least you can figure out which niche platforms are profitable, so let’s follow them down the road.

The next is the local portal advertising paste

A lot of portal websites are crowded with advertisements, and this information is what we need to focus on filtering, except some local normal sellers selling houses

Outside of advertising, there’s a lot of useful information left to dig into.

For example, some of the recycling of alcohol and tobacco gifts, reselling high-end office furniture, etc. These are some of the projects that we don’t usually talk about, and in our opinion, these projects are basically offline, but can be advertised online.

And the long-term package under this advertising space, visible profits are not small.

If we have similar projects or want to engage in this kind of business, we can also imitate others’ advertisements. Because of the epidemic, many people are living in a pinch. In this case, many people will sell their valuable things and recover the money

The silver and second-hand luxury goods business has exploded in the past two years.

If you are willing to spend some money on advertising in these forums, if you are not willing to spend money, you can also post your own top post. After all, these small local forums are not as big as the traffic of tie bar, so we can expose almost ten days and half a month as long as the appropriate top post.

The last is to hang out in the forums

There is also a way to hang out in the forum. We can focus on the forums in these directions, such as the forum for the elderly and the forum for children’s mother. In these forums, we can also find a lot of projects.

The underlying logic is simple. A forum is a place where people talk together

, then the problem here comes, what kind of people will post, two kinds, the first is to do their own related industry, and then post in order to drainage cash, the second is to have personal needs, will post, right.

These are two different directions, and we can find a lot of people on the forum based on this situation

There is a demand, there must be a way to solve the demand, this method is to make money business opportunities.

So why do I ask you to go to the forums for the elderly or children to find projects? Because when we do projects online, we always need four categories: men, women, children and the elderly, and the latter two categories are also right and wrong

Often easy to do.

In addition, some life platforms, emotional platforms and so on can provide us with many ways to make money. Like some emotional forum platforms, you can easily see hundreds of words telling, almost all of them are marketing numbers. How many people will have nothing to do on the Internet to talk about their feelings

Love, mostly marketing content.

Then we can find out what they are marketing through these marketing content, whether it is a product or a service, but also can find a lot of quiet money projects.

The reason why people come to these niche platforms is because there are areas that people know about that make money, but

The track is relatively low and the probability that we can make money from these events is low. Especially for beginners, it is better to think differently and start with some of the less popular events.

These projects have a common point is less competition, fewer people know more can make money, for many of us, the lack of is

The source of a project, then the above method can allow us to quickly target the money project.

3 steps to find niche money-making projects, even beginners can earn tens of thousands of dollars a month


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