People who despised side projects that paid three times more than their job are regretting them.


Most network newcomers or those who have just entered the sideline circle will find a variety of network projects when they don’t meet a reliable master in the early stage, and then they will give up immediately after operating for less than a month without making money. Even spend a lot of time looking for a project, in exchange for the satisfaction of inner anxiety. But know too much about the project both

Unable to land. The result is often: no money, and still doubt whether the Internet can start a business! ?

The reason is very simple, only know to find a network project, but do not know that making money is a kind of training. In the Internet, you think you can get rich with a solid side project, but the truth is: everything goes through each other

The people who earn money on the Internet are the ones who pay silently and insist on getting up early to study every day. The real reason to make money is definitely not because you have a project that can make money, but the trader who trades this project! You’re awesome! You’re awesome at everything! You’re rubbish! You can’t do anything!

At the same time,

Great force people are also dedicated people, digging a project, from 0 to 1, to 100, have their own money making system, steadily according to their own system forward, looking for other projects, large companies are chasing wind mouth (new energy vehicles), let alone small companies or individuals. But only if you get one project right first. One

No one project, no number of projects.

Today, continue to share some side projects you’ve seen recently. Grab one, get it going, and do it.

First, script kill industry chain, some people earn 20W+ a year

In the past two years, script kill is particularly popular, in the first three months of this year “Chinese consumers offline activity preference” survey

Screenplays are second only to movies and sports. For those of you who don’t know what script killing is, it’s an advanced version of playing house. The gameplay is similar to Werewolf kill, only more complicated than the script. Specifically how to play, what are the rules, you can learn about Google.

For depth

Understand the script to kill whether to make money, I specially found a dry script to kill the brothers to consult, according to this brother said, now open a shop, especially in Washington, NewYork and Shenzhen such a first-tier city to open a shop, the chance is not big! Most of the players are young and middle-aged, the stores are full of the street, the market is saturated. Unless you start early

You could make a lot of money.

But at the same time, this man also said that his brothers in Jinan and Hangzhou script shop, life is not bad, the two brothers can earn 30,000 to 50,000 dollars a month, about half a year can be back. According to this, I personally suggest that second – and third-tier friends, you can investigate the market near your home, there is potential and wealth

Kim can still try.

Someone might say, “I don’t have any money. Actually, I think script kill host is a new profession you should consider. The play-kill host is the link between the key plot of the play-kill game, which guides the player into the story and then leads the player on a tour

The part of the play. Script kill game is good, the user experience is good, willing to play, the key lies in the host.

According to media reports, now the script to kill the host, especially scarce, the country is about nearly 100,000 gap! Script to kill the store owner in order to dig a good host, each out of the trick, some even undercover

Poach at a competitor’s store. What’s more, this job does not have high requirements for education, etc. As long as you love playing games, love thinking, like to communicate with people, and work hard, you will have the opportunity to get started. Just like the short video, the first batch of dry, some education is not high, as long as the diligent thinking, take the wind of the short video, many after

They’ve all turned into big bulls.

In addition, if you have a big imagination and good writing, you can also consider becoming a screenwriter. You can either work as a freelancer, writing screenplays when you have nothing to do and contacting a distribution room to publish them, or you can work for a distribution room that needs a screenwriter. The average writer is paid by

Salary + commission, or a single play + commission combination. The average writer’s salary is usually 4,000 to 7,000. If you charge for a single script, it’s between 3000 and 5000


. A netizen has revealed that he wrote an explosive 500,000


In case you accidentally write a blockbuster, the money

More than that.

Mention the writer will contact the script distribution room, this is actually a money making opportunity, open a script distribution studio, the general general writer many do not understand the market demand, want to write a hit, also need the distribution room “polish”. What about stores? Need script, exhibition is the main way to sell the script at present, exhibition is big

The cost of publishing is much lower than the economic cost of a store. You only need to have your own team to receive the papers.

The distribution room earns the “advertising fee” in the middle. According to netizens, his distribution room has produced some of the most popular works on the market, which have brought him more than 400,000 dollars in annual revenue



But I think the bar is a little higher than that. Your network is very important because you have to go through the process of getting the script through to art, printing, finished product, distribution and sales. Now there are a lot of stores that don’t make a lot of money and are trying to turn into distribution rooms.

Other things you can do in the script kill chain are costumes and props,

Playing script kill requires “restoring the script era”, you bring items directly to the store, can also make money. Others kill the popularity of scripts and develop related industries. This is a smart play, on the basis of their main business, combined with the most popular tuyere


Element. I once saw a travel company that was letting people

Experience in the bubble net earn cruise play script kill, together back to the Republic of China, staged a love hate drama. In addition, there are script kill + Secret room, script kill + hotel, script kill + e-cigarette, script kill + study room…

There are also companies will script kill as an employee benefit, open recruitment of script kill service providers, as a member

To provide script killing service, the purchase amount is up to 500,000


/ year. Script kill industry chain “job opportunities” to understand, you can also take this opportunity to look for new opportunities, from their own familiar industry entrance, step on the script to kill the hot wheel forward. Combined with the script to kill the way to make money, there are many, the key is to think more, often use the brain

And see how you can find your own way.

Two, express “blind box”, the purchase price 3


Sell eight


I can make $400 a night



Express blind box is a combination of two unknown goods full of express and blind box, as a commodity gimmick to stimulate consumers’ curiosity to open the blind box, is an innovative marketing means.


There are two kinds of blind box sources:

Category 1: Ownerless express

These ownerless packages are unclaimed packages that Courier companies dispose of at a low price, ranging from 10 to 30


They may randomly offer valuable items, such as mobile phones, tablets, drones, cameras, high-end skin care products, etc. The seller will emphasize, offer

It’s all luck, but it’s worth it. These blind delivery boxes are available at Xianyu, a second-hand market.

The second category: blind boxes packed with cheap goods

These are small goods in Yiwu, each item cost is not high 3


Package it for express delivery. There are some practical items, such as umbrellas, power banks, mobile phone holders and so on

There are more than 100 different products. Selling “blind boxes” is the most direct way to make money, and the “blind boxes” packaged with cheap goods are the most suitable.

First of all, you can buy in Yiwu small market or 1688 online, the average price is 3


One. And all the goods in it retail at 10


The above items, such as umbrellas, chargers, etc. Therefore, there is a high probability that customers will still have a sense of surprise after opening the blind box, which also increases the diffusion of blind box sales. Early can buy a small amount of 300


A hundred pieces.

Then, the pedestrian street to find a booth, must choose more people of the place to set up stalls, need

Pay some booth fees, maybe 100-150


One day.

Secondly, booth promotion, put 100 blind boxes directly into the pile, need to write a sign, price: 8 dollars for one, 20 dollars for three.

And I need a loudspeaker to keep yelling. For example: Express blind box, 8


One. Three for 20 bucks

Pass by don’t miss. If no one pays attention, can be appropriate to give passers-by a few blind boxes, attract everyone’s attention.

Some of you may ask, how much money can you make by selling blind boxes one night? My friend once did an experiment. He sold 130 blind boxes for 500 dollars in one night, earning 9 dollars



With an average selling price of 7


. He makes 4 for a blind box


And made a total of 520


, minus booth fee 150


I made $370


. In addition, some waste cartons produced by unpacking blind boxes can be sold for dozens of dollars, almost a night to earn 400



And finally, do you know why it sells so well? The first

: Blind box is now very hot online, belongs to the flow of goods.

Second, it takes advantage of people’s curiosity about the unknown, because you never know what will come out next, just like buying a lottery ticket.

Third: we come to the pedestrian street, itself is to play, this thing is interesting and

It’s not expensive, and it’s possible to offer something good. Then play. Money’s not money. Finally, my friends, do you think this project of selling blind boxes can be done?

People who despised side projects that paid three times more than their job are regretting them.

People who despised side projects that paid three times more than their job are regretting them.


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