Reveal a use of free to send set to make money ash production project, only do reveal, do not imitate!


Today, I will reveal to you the ash production project of one hundred thousand a month. I will only reveal the secret and do not imitate it

In addition to benign projects, there are black ash production projects, but these projects are generally hidden in the dark world, the real understanding of the people can count, most of the people who know are secretly earning big money

The ash product revealed today is

The use of ‘free’ to make money, a lot of people will be fooled, those operators are earning gold pot full, hundreds of thousands of dollars to earn

Often use the post bar, you can pay attention to the free to send it, there will often be some free to send posts, in fact, most of the post is a person, and his post close to the reply

More than 1000, and the designated must be college students, this is the traffic screening, access to more accurate traffic, this is just what we see, there are many other posts, according to the insider revealed that once a week drainage full 7 wechat, that is, 35,000 people, but his drainage way is not only limited to

Go ahead, and something like 58, everything, like pets, furniture

Here we should understand, in fact, this is the name of free to send the slogan to drainage, a lot of people are holding

Lucky psychology to add, but do not rule out really have to send things, but 99 percent of the people are for drainage

They are through

Previously added users have the following modes of liquidation

One: earn postage

That is, the product is free, but he will charge a high postage to make money, this model bubble online money I believe a lot of people have encountered

Two: inducing to buy

When you add him, he will tell you that the product has been delivered, waiting for the next batch of goods to be delivered in the selection section


Friends circle will send product ads every day, inducing you to buy other related products

Three: Send high-end products

This is also one of the deepest routine, he will tell the user to send you a mobile phone or computer, the price is thousands of products, and then lure the user to provide the same name sfz bank card mobile phone number and other information, tell the user that this is to

Improve the sales data, simulate the real user operation, after completion, will also give the user a sum of 1000 to 2000 costs, I believe that many people will give the data to the operator, the operator gets the information, will collude with some network loan insiders, and then use your information to operate loans everywhere, tens of thousands to ten

Tens of thousands of dollars, after getting the loan to you 1000.2000 commission, but also ask you to help to advertise, so a month down, a month down hundreds of thousands of earnings are hand, and the final pain or users pay their own bills, and do not know the operation

So a word of warning, whatever you do

Don’t give your information to strangers

Reveal a use of free to send set to make money ash production project, only do reveal, do not imitate!


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