2 traffic revenue projects, combined with short video profiteering


I saw someone say it the other day


On the cloud feed chicken, a live broadcast room tens of thousands of people, a love a rice, take the audience’s money, feed their chickens, sell chickens are not as much as they a live broadcast income sound wave, visible its degree of profiteering.

See the broadcast room there are a pair of father and son selling fish, labor costs on their two people, a

With sales of more than 10 million dollars a month, there is nothing that can’t be sold in the field of short video.

If you have such conditions, you can also try live streaming. Later, I will share with you two small projects. It is hard for you to imagine that everything can be sold

The market for

I think many people have never seen this before. This news is basically posted on some chatting social platforms. According to these, it can be seen that this is a social account for sale, and an online love object is specially highlighted.

So by this point you should know what’s worth the most on the Internet,

Is the resource, 500 dollars out of this network love fans, is equivalent to playing the game to buy a second-hand number of others, that the second-hand number can bring us much value, such as the new number can be developed.

This relatively unpopular account sales is actually very hot, I believe there are some people who are specialized in this

Just like the single divorced woman in the short video, I chat with some friends online and then use their good intentions to get some benefits before transferring my account.

A lot of people think these single divorced women are very beautiful and virtuous, and they spend all their time at home cooking and cleaning. Here

A person is a very good family feeling, drainage to the private domain of wechat, casual chat is often red envelopes, every day light red envelopes are received soft, do not know the opposite is a man or a woman.

Like this kind of male powder can be put up for sale, as long as can find sales, basically this project is done, the later will be constantly

Fission out of these accounts can do account intermediary business, or very profitable.

In fact, short video has achieved a lot of people in the past two years, among which there are some special categories, such as the following project to make money by feelings, relying on a game that the post-80s and post-90s like to make money, is Russia

Ross cube.

I believe that this game is not unfamiliar to everyone. More than a decade ago, when the game industry was not developed, there were only two cognition of the game, one is the little bully learning machine and the other is Tetris. These two games also accompanied many people’s childhood, and those who are willing to pay for it are basically at this age

Of the paragraph.

So the blogger began to play the game by himself and then recorded some videos and posted them to the short video platform. This project has a very clear boundary. Those who don’t like this game hate it, while those who like this nostalgic game love it very much.

In the


The dealer

There is the same game in the window of the Tetris game console, and generally look at the sales of this game console is still a lot, has sold thousands of units, the profit is half.

You can see the wholesale price of these machines on the purchase website. It is very cheap. Even I like to have a look at the broadcast room when I go shopping now

In contrast, others use a kind of experience and feeling, not too willing to go to the e-commerce platform.

Therefore, no matter the virtual project of selling online love object number I mentioned above or the physical commodity of playing Tetris game, all can be operated and realized on the short video platform, and the difficulty is very small, which is really a catch

Up the wind, pigs can fly.

Like account trading, almost zero threshold, as long as you have an account to trade, not only the social chat account, other can be carried out through this kind of advertising trading, if you aspire to be an intermediary, you should invest some money to buy the account in the early stage, and arrange the relevant account

Get out and do some more distribution processing.

Of course, it is not just an account intermediary. With upstream and downstream channel resources, two communities can be created. Instead of handling accounts, only guaranteed transactions can be made and certain commission can be earned in each transaction.

It was like

Short video game selling this way of bringing goods, is also the current popular bubble network to earn a familiar, a lot of people feel that selling goods is a reliable Internet project, good, selling goods is in kind, so people feel more practical, in fact, whether it is physical or virtual goods, can be, as long as we can

Hop on the short video train.

At present, starting a business on the Internet to do projects, the first thing to choose is a subdivision of their own field, the use of the advantages of the subdivision field to do projects, in these small areas to focus on a point, leverage large traffic can be.

There are still a few people who adapt to these kinds of gameplay, most of them are regiments

Team or studio in the operation of the matrix account, then we just need to seriously implement the project promotion plan.

2 traffic revenue projects, combined with short video profiteering


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