Cross-border alliance marketing, a sideline earning 6000 per month for novices


Most of the people doing the Internet this year are inseparable from these blocks, like


, quick hand short video, headlines and public account we media, etc., because most of what we are exposed to and see every day is only these.

Such as virtual resource integration, games out of the sea, no supply store group and so on is the next level of subdivision project market, very

Most of them are attached to projects on large platforms and have been doing it for more than ten years. Just like Taoke, this is a very old project. Those who make money are still making money and those who do are still doing it.

The things we talked about above, like virtual resources and scarcity, can be started quickly with light assets, and every project can be done well

To make money, but the competition is also big, because the investment is small, the late return is big, so many people can see a profit space in these projects.

Like Amoy, basically can make it so far to survive and make money, are some seasoned veterans, in this field are the head players, basically can do it

A monopoly, so what do we do now?

We novice want to walk this road, simply walk others’ old way is not workable, many platform resources are basically monopolized, it is necessary to make full use of some poor information to do projects.

For example, many friends around me are doing cross-border e-commerce, cross-border e-commerce

For us this year, it must be not strange, there are people around to talk about this, some office workers because of the time difference, at night to make Amazon delivery, do it happily, of course, if the supply of goods is good, a small million a year is no problem.

There was a guy on the Internet earlier

The price of a spittoon in China is more than ten dollars. Even on Amazon, some people buy it as a Chinese handicraft and collect it. The price difference is several hundred dollars.

Well, if you want to ride the wave and make some money on bad information, totally

You can try Amazon Alliance, which is similar to Amazon in China, promoting spittoons to make a profit. Wouldn’t it be nice to earn several hundred dollars each?

Speaking of Amazon Affiliate marketing, it’s free, which means anyone can join, whether you’re a blogger or a webmaster or a freelancer, no

Just like Quora, we need to bring the links of Amazon products when writing some professional reviews. In addition, the commission of products is not uniform, which depends on a category of products you promote.

Now I will tell you how to do the affiliate marketing of Amazon. How many steps should we take

Tell them what they should do.

I. Promotion categories

If we come into contact with domestic Amazon customers, we will have a certain understanding of the choice of this product, not all goods to promote have a good effect, we want to choose products, to have a certain understanding of the product, good category can make our alliance marketing effect

Make it better.

Of course, Amazon’s alliance marketing needs a platform. No matter you are a blogger or an independent webmaster, you should have a positioning for yourself in advance, because we can’t promote everything, so you can find a field to continue to work deeply.

Second, product segmentation

This is one of the rare products that I often tell you about

Product, a niche product under the subdivision field, although it says a small audience, but as long as you see the desire to buy or can search is a precise fan base.

These unpopular products, the number of customers is small, but the peer promotion competition is also small, the difficulty is very low, has a very many advantages, and fine

Quasi – fan realization transformation is very much.

3. Data analysis

For this data analysis, we’re going to look externally at some of the popular products on the market right now, like


Every now and then there are some hot items on the platform,


The same style and so on, then we can analyze these products, we can do a faster and more efficient

The first generalization.

Another is a ranking of external promotion platform, which can also let us quickly find out which website everyone likes to visit, and then discover some more valuable goods, which is conducive to our promotion.

Such as some health, clothing, shoes and hats, beauty and body are very popular collar

Domain, but relatively broad, and if we can choose some of the very fine field, for the promotion itself is advantageous, then we have to go to these analysis data platform for the super subdivided field.

Four, the ability to realize

Whether you do cross-border e-commerce or Amazon affiliate marketing, our purpose is actually

Unified, is to make money, to help promote the product, we can get a high commission, directly sell goods can also.

Now that the purpose is clear, we need to classify the products that are easy to be realized, and give up those that are not easy to be realized. This is to measure the specific realization ability of a product, and the ones that are easy to be realized

Do it often.

Of course, there are also many such fan platforms, such as Clickbank and Quora, which are all good data analysis platforms. Only by mastering the popularity of a product we want to promote, can we know its realization situation.

This year, many friends from affiliate marketing switched to cross-border e-commerce

The change is not comprehensive, because it has been promoted for a period of time to have such an experience, know how to choose products, no matter how to promote in fact, there is no direct sale of goods to earn more, this is certain.

Cross-border alliance marketing, a sideline earning 6000  per month for novices


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