Simple copy and paste, a day in Weibo can easily do 100 traffic money project


Hotspot traffic

Weibo, the social platform with the largest traffic volume after wechat and QQ, still has more than 100 million daily users, which is a very large traffic pool. Many people who do projects choose to stream on Weibo, which is a search social media platform.

It has the following characteristics:

1. Openness and communication: Everyone can

I saw what you posted, and many topics are good for spreading.

2, search: the most accurate source of traffic, customers are with demand/intention to search.

3. Social interaction: interaction and forwarding are conducive to fan fission amplification.

Other features of Weibo:

1. High quality fans

2. Stable platform rules

3. Strong inclusiveness: small

The open nature of the blog makes the microblog rarely sealed, but it will reduce the weight.

Playing micro blog all know that there is a hot search on micro blog, that is, what is hot today, show what means, show hot

These days I don’t know about you whether it is friends or other


Kuaishou, there is no Wang Sicong and a net celebrity thing

Piece brush screen, do not understand their own to search Weibo, here is not to elaborate, after all, we are not talking about gossip today, is about making money, about drainage, first of all, we know this event, the real money makers, the first time to do this project, drainage drainage, realization of realization, this flow is very large

Since this is the case, we naturally also want to share a cup of soup, today we make money with the help of Weibo platform and Wang Sicong’s heat to drainage.

I don’t know if you’ve been tweeting lately or


Have you seen a lot of people broke Wang Sicong’s personal wechat? In fact, many are fake, are the marketing people changed into Wang Sicong

The profile picture and changed an address, and then said he was Wang Sicong, was directly added to the explosion, are for the heat to join in, want to create the authenticity of the account, first of all we need a micro signal, preferably the old number, binding does not matter

Second point: we need to change the profile picture and address

The one above is certainly not king

Sicong, it is a marketing number I found on Weibo. This account has been added to the explosion at present, showing that I have added friends frequently, so I can’t add it

So drainage to wechat, we need to pay attention to, a day do not take the initiative to add more than 20 friends, passive friends do not exceed 100, generally will not be sealed, this also

Not to say the specific number, you add 21 is OK, passive plus 101 is OK, but it is best not to cross the line, there is no need to play with fire, right, flow is now very expensive, drainage is not easy

Step 3: Friends circle block all people, add friends also don’t show them, don’t ask why, avoid showing flaws, directly screen

Well, that’s it. They’re just melon eaters

Simple understanding is: change the profile picture change the address change micro signal

Then drainage, we go to Weibo, to the comment area drainage, or add a variety of wechat groups, directly send me the following similar pictures can be

This usually doesn’t get blocked, but a friend of mine tried it my way

“, really quite a lot of people added, but not so exaggerated, he only in a group of hair, added 30 or so, also good, many people are curious, for the heat to try, but many smart people, click transfer, you can see whether it is Wang Sicong, because it is real name, if you click transfer,

Then show is ** Cong, that may be myself, also not sure, let’s no matter, let’s talk about the project, Weibo comment area, post bar, and QQ group, these three is the best drainage place, gossip more people, some can not comment on Weibo with figure, you can go to set yourself


Then open allow comments with figure can ha, anyway probably drainage method is like this, to comment on pictures, find that kind of heat comment area, don’t hair people are not, also to comment, waste of time is easy to be reported, this we should all know, they will distinguish, QQ group drainage is also, anyway throw

Out of a picture, you can also add a sentence “I see others sent Wang Sicong’s wechat do not know whether it is true or not”, “this seems to be really Wang Sicong’s wechat” probably similar to this, add a silly white sweet words is easy to get the trust of the group, should not put you directly T out, read you ignorant.

I just added enough friends. Don’t rush

Cash, wait for two or three days, first calm down, and then suddenly clockwork circle of friends, or suddenly send a group, you can basically complete the cash, it is best to spread the flow, can be diverted to their own wechat public number is very good.

We could even cash in on the takeout CPS I was talking about yesterday, both

Is no problem, you can send a group, also can directly send moments, directly to promote the line.

Today’s project will share with you to this, rubbing heat powder is the most common drainage method, is also the most easy drainage method, but the heat has an uncertainty, do not know when suddenly to wave heat, but certainly the earlier we

The better the operation, many studios directly more wechat operation, anyway, wechat avatar and address you change, change 200 identical wechat avatar and wechat address can be, when the heat comes out, or to strike while the iron is hot wave flow.

Simple copy and paste, a day in Weibo can easily do 100  traffic money project


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