The distribution of selling members to make money, Google Web disk new SAO operation, and can make a fortune!


A few days ago I Google web disk member expired, as an Internet circle of people, web disk in the data too much.

So no matter how much Google network disk pit, but the members will not fall, and Google network disk or the mainstream in the network disk.

To this end on the way to renew, suddenly found that Google network disk recently have a lot of SAO operation, is a

It’s an opportunity to make money.

One of them just expired due to poor information.

This is the way of the world. No matter how developed the technology is, there will always be poor information, and people with poor information can make more money easily.

Poor information is not advanced, I know, you do not know, is poor information, in this letter

There’s money to be made in that spread.

Grasp the information is poor, is nothing more than to see more to learn, pay more attention to some information.

Just like this time, originally these information I generally do not look, but the day before the bubble net to earn I saw someone said Google net disk, that had to take this opportunity to take a look.

However, the event is overdue, but also found

Another chance —

Distribution makes money by selling members


This activity is currently in the private beta, not fully open, and I just have the opportunity of this private beta.

Said Google member seems to sell not move, even need users to help sell?

If there is interest, it will drive some people.

First look at the commission,

Not high, need to go, the user can get a deduction of red envelope, than the normal open to cost-effective, like Amoy customer mode.

Take a look at the operation process:

Sign → send link → user transfer → get red envelope → open member

OK, the key to this project is the traffic problem, how to get users and let users open a membership, let’s talk about my next

Train of thought.

First, the crowd and the network disk

1, which people will use the web disk?

Net disk, for storing things, resources, learning materials, of course, don’t think crooked.

Learning materials such as we do the Internet, such as accounting, second construction, English and other teaching test materials, my circle of friends have seen a lot.

Resources such as various movies, certain games

And so on.

2, about Google web disk

Anyone who has ever used a web disk knows that non-member permissions are very low.

One is the space is small, can not store too many things; Second, the download speed is slow, especially the compressed file, can not be decompressed online.

I said these are not to Google web disk advertising, but let you understand clearly, and then it is good to do push

Make a lot of money, or you may know why but not why.

Two, how to promote money?

The logic of this project has been very clear, the distribution model, the commission is general, there are just need people, single open member price is higher, can get a random red envelope deduction.

Then due to the issue of the document link, as long as someone saves and gets the red envelope after use

You get a commission.

Therefore, the best way to promote is to batch send the corresponding file link, in addition, there is traffic on hand, and will use the web disk if the effect is better.

Here I most recommend or hair film and television class, the conversion rate may not be high, but the amount is large enough! Also especially suitable for those who do film and television number, have a foundation, have fans

, are saved thousands of times every day.

Pull up any recent search index for movies and television:

At its peak, millions of people search every day, and that’s just Google. At its peak, more than 30 million people search every day on wechat.

This data is very terrible, through this data can drain tens of thousands of powder a day, even if the flow can be sold daily


How do you use this to get traffic?

Through the corresponding keyword search can find these are all drainage people.

And many of them can directly send links, such as Google post bar, Google know, itself is Google department, to give a higher weight, included more easily, ranking is also higher.

Google Post bar:

Put on the hair chain

Answer method: buy clean old number, and then you can directly hair, normally will not drop, a number can send a few.

Post bar Posting method: also buy clean old number,

Then post it and make sure you find an empty one

, or create one, and then post, with keywords, and finally see whether it is included and ranked how

The sample.

Why are you looking for someone else’s post?

What you want is not the traffic in the post bar, but Google search, in the post bar business advertising paste will be deleted at any time, more than worth the loss.

Google know because the rules are often updated, let alone say, the method is similar; As for other web forums, blogs, Posting generally to charge, a few cents

Article, but can be directly advertising, generally will not be deleted.

When the link is sent the operation is almost complete, however

Batch is not only send a link, also not only do a keyword!

Every movie name is a keyword, every exam subject is also a keyword, do not have to do, choose the search index is high.

The operation is simple and doesn’t take much time.

If it is too little to earn, it can be turned into “wechat business”, through the promotion of links to wechat to sell information, and then earn a network disk commission.


This project is not a bright spot. It can be done at your leisure. It is simple and takes no time

Stretch it.

And finally,


Generosity is often just a kind of disguised ambition, in order to get more benefits can despise those small interests.

Think a little more when you’re working on a project.

The distribution of selling members to make money, Google Web disk new SAO operation, and can make a fortune!


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