Internet tuyere thinking, seize the local market to make money


With the development of the short video industry to today, many tuyere projects have emerged one after another. Due to its particularly large flow rate, the offline Blue V stores have been favored by many entrepreneurs in the past two years.

Up to now, it is well known that many offline stores rely on short video drainage to cash out, while we media

Detective shop also from the previous headlines, public number of articles to transfer


The fast hand is on.

So up to now, there is still a market for short video offline store marketing


To help offline merchants to expand their stores within 6 kilometers of a publicity, in fact, is to do it quickly

The promotion of the store in the city.

As we all know, businesses do not have a very good channel. Basically, they employ people to send leaflets and guide customers to send circle of friends or mass messages.

We all know that the cost is very high, but the effect is very poor, No

Two point is to send a group message or send a circle of friends, this operation itself has a certain complexity, and customers are not necessarily willing to disturb their circle of friends for these small benefits, after all, they are acquaintances.

Use activities to guide users to activate their circle of friends or relationships, and then go further

Potential flow fission is a common and traditional operation, but people don’t want to do it if it’s too cumbersome.

Now combined with the short video, there is a relatively simple operation method, the business can guide the user directly through the activity


To scan the merchant’s QR code, that just

Is to sweep the two-dimensional code, will be directly a key bubble net to earn the business has set the propaganda shortsighted frequent out, very simple and fast, at the same time, customers can also get an activity coupon to the business.

The customer scans the QR code of the merchant and potentially sends out the merchant’s promotional video

What kind of benefits can customers get? This is the most important link to guide them to scan the code.


Short video has been supporting the same city, and give the flow is very large, that is to say


It will or has planned to enter the market of Meituan or is ready to seize it, so it will vigorously support the flow of the same city

The amount.

In other words, customers scan the code, and then the promotional video is released, which is quickly spread around the neighborhood, initial


Recommendation mechanism, as long as the account weight is normal, it will basically have a 300 to 800 playback volume, will cover most people near the same city, the cost is very low


I know that there is a charge in the market, that is to say, it is equivalent to paying a few dollars a day, and its own promotional video has been played and exposed nearby, and it will soon reach 10,000 views. From the perspective of the Internet, the intensity of this advertisement is very large.

It also

It is equivalent to tens of thousands of leaflets sent by businesses every day, and the cost is only a few dollars, which greatly improves the strength of advertising and reduces the cost of advertising. For businesses, there are only advantages without disadvantages, so the general acceptance is good.

This is also a bonus period to do this year, businesses only need to shoot

A simple 8 to 10 seconds or so of a promotional video, shooting under the door, a feature of the store, some of the customer’s situation can be taken, the business shot at a time of 8 to 10 can be.

That way, you basically guarantee that every single customer will get a different video,

This perfectly avoids a repetition problem, so that the customer visual fatigue, in addition to the most important problem is to avoid the platform audit of the handling video.

If once the platform is regarded as carrying, then these videos will basically be limited, will not be recommended so much traffic, at least 30

A base playback of 0 to 800.

At present, many people are doing a combination of online and offline projects. In fact, a majority of projects need to be pushed. Of course, the purpose of pushing is to gain customers.

Offline, of course

This is not the only kind of outlet. What I mentioned above is a very intuitive benefit that can be felt. When we negotiate with a merchant, they will top up the money in the background, so that we can get certain benefits.

It’s like the fast speed version of today

In this way, we can directly send new products to our account on site, and the profit is very fast. One of my former friends used to do new products in their university town by himself. He earned more than 10,000 dollars a day, and he would do the new products of any APP, of course, this is also a way.

After all, this year

Many popular online projects have put their energy into the offline development, to seize the offline local market is imminent, on this basis, there will be more local promotion activities, if you can first seize the market, the benefits must be very considerable.

Internet tuyere thinking, seize the local market to make money


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