Project dismantling: a single hundreds of profits, with the second-hand platform to do credit card commission


This title a lot of old birds should know what project Dashuai said, is to promote credit card rebate, a lot of people may not know how high credit card rebate.

The average commission on a credit card is between 100 and 200


Around, the commission is a little higher in 300 or so, the grand marshal has seen the highest return

The servants were more than 400


This means that if you recommend someone to apply for the credit card and successfully place the limit, you will earn over 400 in an instant



In 2019, there were more people to promote credit card rebate to make money, but now with the change of the project model, there are fewer people to do, after all, new

Projects that get in early are more likely to make money.

But Dashuai saw a credit card promotion on the “high-end operation”.

This is a product Dashuai saw on Xianyu, Xiaomi router AX6000 official website price is 599



The seller, Xianyu, posted the product saying that he would participate in the event twice

After the 99


Brand new package sent by post.

As for what activities to participate in, I believe everyone can see it.

From the seller’s credit card promotion, from the seller’s link to get two credit cards, the seller gets two card processing commission, and then go to Amazon to buy Xiaomi ax6000 router to the buyer.

So let’s figure it out

Account in balance:

The commission for two credit cards, if the credit card commission is higher, is about 600


Right and left.

Buyer participation activities are available at 99


Buy a router.

The seller’s total revenue is 600 99=699.

The typical price for a Xiaomi ax6000 router on Amazon is between 550.

699 –

550 = 149.

That’s 149 per order


Right and left.

And that’s only if the merchant is a conscientious merchant. What if the merchant blocks you after you participate in the event and successfully apply for a credit card?

A commission for two credit card promotions.

It’s not your money. You’re just doing an event. Go

Second hand goods trading platform to find customer service people also do not take you, can only eat a dumb loss.

Finally, to summarize the gameplay of this project:

1. Find a credit card promotion platform, this is simple, Google search a big push.

2. Collect some commodities with high demand and control the price at a reasonable price.

Step 3: Someone

If you have a demand for or are interested in your goods, guide you to wechat in the bubble network to earn the next step of the “participation activity”, any credit card platform you promote the success of the background will have a record.

4. After the activity is finished, if the buyer needs to make up the difference, it will release a commodity page to the buyer separately in Xianyu, so that the buyer can buy it

Buy, and then go to tao Bao, pdd, jd and other platforms to buy goods to send to people.

At this point, the whole project is finished. As for how much money this project can make, it still depends on the execution.

Project dismantling: a single hundreds of profits, with the second-hand platform to do credit card commission


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