Headline money items, easy to answer a day to earn pocket money


You look for big money projects every day, every day. It’s not always the other way around. In that case, we might as well start by making less money.

You can’t make a lot of money on this project, so you can still get a daily allowance. The main thing is that you pick up the phone can do, you don’t need to know what, can type on the line!

This term right here

The goal is to earn red envelopes from the headlines, which has been around for a long time. I personally think the question is also very easy to answer! It’s not very technical. The rules of the platform are that 20 points will be awarded for each question that passes the review, and 100 points will be allowed to participate in the lottery. The reward is 5


– 100.


. By the minimum

It’s going to be about 1


One problem.

It took me about 20 minutes to answer seven questions, five were approved, and I drew five


Red envelopes. Why is this so fast? Let me just show you how easy the problem is.

This is a picture that I cut at random, you see how simple the problem is, smart people have already thought

Copy the question to a certain degree, so that immediately get the answer, but remember the answer to more than 10 words, do not copy directly, see the answer bubble net earn with their own words to hit up that can be!

Then, the platform is full of 30


Red envelope cash, every day to spend a few bits and pieces of time can also add a chicken leg!

Here’s how to do it:

① Download “Toutiao”, in the search box search “answer to win red envelope”, click in!

② After coming in, the novice can do the task first, complete the novice task has 6


. Then go to the answer, answer enough 5 enough 100 points can be in the following draw!

It’s as simple and mindless as that

Operation, spend some spare time every day, but also can add a chicken leg!

Headline money items, easy to answer a day to earn pocket money


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