Use b station column to do network novel project, low threshold! Easy to get started, zero cost, pure copy and paste


It’s awesome. It’s a side project that you can package and sell for $2,000.

Low bar! The couple

A novice

Easy to get started, almost zero start-up costs, pure copy and paste!

Other projects can be extended from multiple angles.

Now to the topic, talk about the project!

Use b station column to do network novel project.

Of network novels

We don’t need to emphasize how big the market is.

This is different from the traditional novel project, the way is different, now there are few people to do it, more blue ocean, do not do cps more emphasis on private domain, continuous flow, can form their own customer database.

There’s no difficulty, beginners can do it, just copy and paste it,

Included up, late flow passive.

Let’s start with the case:

That’s the column for Station b

Title: The name and author of an online novel

Text: The novel in the random copy of a piece of content paste

If you want to read the whole novel, add it to wechat in the comments section

To put it simply, this project is through the Internet

Fiction articles to sell fiction items.

Because now many online novels are paid to read, it is difficult to find the whole book, so many people will search the title of online novels.

The traffic from the search is the most accurate.

Can be a number of b station account operation, after the release volume up, the traffic brought by the late period has been continuous risk

Net earning, passive, is lying down to collect money.

Posting articles like this is not difficult at all!

Here’s how to make money

Let’s start with a retail operation

I asked about a random novel and he said five


Can accept red packets

This is retail play, is a simple one by one to sell. I’m gonna give you guys a good one

Profit model: First

This 1


, 3 for each of the remaining books


, annual membership 49



The people who come over will not ink, because the people who read the novel are chasing to see, a few dollars a novel, too cheap.

For fiction buffs, 49


It is not called money at all, for buying novels by chapters on other platforms, this 49


Not at all

The money.

Take a look at their membership group, several, calculate the more than 2000 people, you say fierce is not fierce! Make money or not! Do the math for yourself!

We can’t do that. Let’s just eat some meat and soup from the neighborhood. After all, it’s easy to make a little money like this.

We have a side business

The concept of the job to make money project is who has the result to copy who, who made money to copy who, don’t think of doing the boss, do a little brother is good!

Don’t do big only eat small, don’t worry about the big only practical peace points to earn a little money, don’t eat meat on the hard to drink some soup!

What do we need to do?

1. The countless novels in our web disk are us

The content source.

2, publish the title of the article with the novel name author txt download read the full text………

3. Open the novel and copy any text as the content of the article

4. Buy multiple b station accounts and do one action every day: copy and paste, leave comments on wechat

5, someone added to the wechat chat

Day to collect money, sell a single novel or build their own group to sell members, others sell 49, you sell 39! You can sell it for 69!

How to buy b station account, Google, a treasure search b station number can be.

How to get the novel resources, must have to pay! Buy directly from a competitor.

Extension of Project:

This side business makes money on the side

In addition to the novel, there are review materials, other e-books can be operated, the same idea bubble net income, but also can operate Google post bar.

Finally, send you a word: borrow other people’s works into content, to do flow, to collect money!

How valuable this sentence, understand the people naturally understand!

Use b station column to do network novel project, low threshold! Easy to get started, zero cost, pure copy and paste


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