Share two unusual projects that make money by using information gap, zero cost, no risk, suitable for most people to do.


What’s the most valuable thing on the Internet?

Information, resources, and contacts — these are the most valuable.

There’s always a way to make money, if you think fast enough.

Learn to use the Internet properly, is the only way to make money. Anything you know that no one else knows can make you successful and profitable.

I’m going to share two with you today

Cash in on the information gap

Are low cost or no cost operation, suitable for most people to do.

01 generation opened


Kuaishou MCN account

Before I start talking to you about this project, let me ask you a question, which is:

MCN machine

What is the construct?

So to make it easier, think of MCN as a

Rental agent

“, but “renters” are advertisers and “homeowners” are Internet celebrities. In return, MCN collects a fee from the agency, and in order to make more money, MCN even helps Internet celebrities decorate their “houses” and package their “content”.

Like now the major video flat

The leading Internet celebrities of Taiwan and e-commerce platforms and the companies behind them all belong to MCN institutions. On the one hand, the company itself operates well, and on the other hand, it is promoted by the privileges and welfare of MCN organizations to incubate and shape Internet celebrities step by step.

So one way to monetize short videos is to

Join the MCN organization



So you can sort of understand what MCN is, right?



Launching the MCN certification service to help manage Internet celebrities and anchors will surely release a lot of welfare to support MCN organizations, otherwise who would be willing to apply for MCN?

So based on this huge traffic base

Millions of people want to get in


Kuaishou MCN gets a piece of the action.

But how many people don’t even know what an MCN is, let alone enter


Fast hand MCN.

And that led to the project that I’m going to talk about, which is

Agent opening


Kuaishou MCN account.

The net profit of this project alone is 800

– 2000.


Between. Amazon search”


MCN “, which was topped by an advertising company selling more than 1,000 monthly payments.

Even if we only open one account per person, the profit will be 80W. But actually more than 50% of customers choose to open two or more


, Kuaishou m

cn and guild account.



MCN is a company that produces original video content,


The guild is mainly based on


Lord. Some of the companies that plan to do live streaming will move in


MCN will be there, too


The guild.

Look on Amazon, even if it is ranked below, do not bid on the product, single

Month also has stable ten twenty customers.

If I hadn’t stumbled upon it, it would have been hard to believe that there were such niche opportunities in the short video industry.

(Backstage after entering)

Maybe some friends will think that since the opening


It must be hard for Kuaishou MCN account to make so much money


As I later found out, it’s easy to get in.

Let me tell you about the entry process:

First, you need to have a business license.

Second, sign up for one


Kuaishou account.

Third, prepare several


Kuaishou account released a few original videos (mixed cut also counts).



Get a 1W powder

Kuaishou, get a 5000 powder number. Buy a film and television, music 1-2W powder number price is in two or three thousand dollars.

(This step depends on the customer situation, some customers have met the requirements, but do not know how to apply)

Fifth, prepare a blank contract template, print out the seal, ride

After the seal is sewn, it will be output into a pdf file. The signed account does not need to be signed and left blank. Such a file will be submitted directly when you sign in.

Sixth, after submitting the contract,


Kuaishou APP background confirm the invitation.

Seventh, the audit is generally approved the next day.

Eighth, after the approval, the contract signing account can be directly terminated in the background of mcn.

The ninth

, repeat the above operations for other customers.



MCN entry conditions)

In fact, this project



The enterprise authentication service is the same

MCNS and guilds also serve business users. The core is still making money from information asymmetry.

But it’s reasonable to exist, like a bunch of generation registrations right now

Companies, a lot of entrepreneurs, would rather spend 800 to 1,500


I don’t want to run by myself. Because some tedious matters really need professional people to do. So, this is our opportunity to make money.

Recommended reading:

Everyone can do it at zero cost


Profitable project, stable daily income of 400




Automatic writing machine

I believe that when I was a child, we must have dreamed of writing homework. If there is a machine that can write homework automatically, how good it should be.

And now that dream has come true, with a project called

“Writing machine”

The product is born, not only can replace you to complete the copy homework, but also without any typos.

I’m on Amazon

A search for “writing robot” brings up several similar products, priced from 200


To 2000


Not equal. Shapes range from simple metal shelves to table-shaped machines, with some shops selling thousands of units a month.

Since there is a need, it is worth looking into.

First of all, we can go to Second hand goods trading platform flower

A few hundred bucks for a used typewriter.


Specialized to undertake junior high school, senior high school in the penalty copy writing business

. Many poor students are often punished to copy books, sometimes a penalty to copy thousands of words, is really annoying, there are always teachers like this meaningless and waste of time punishment.

When I was in elementary school, I talked in math class

I did, and I copied a dozen pages of mathematical formulas. In those days there were no such high-tech things as writing machines, and I went to buy carbon paper to cut down on the number of words I copied.

We all know how painful it is to be penalized.

This problem can be solved by using this kind of writing machine. It’s a word that can be typed into students

Trace, intelligent analog handwriting.

Take on such a business, charge by the word. It’s 5 dollars for 1000 words and 50 dollars for 10,000 words.

Then they found a bunch of students who wanted to make money, and asked them to secretly promote the business within the school, as well as a few schools around the promotion.

It’s like the Thai movie “The Genius Shooter,”

Find customers to do the agent, let them to promote can get a share, so that soon can fission out a large number of customers.

It is necessary to pay attention to the special promotion of poor students, since they have potential demand, it will certainly not report.

In addition to copy jobs, other extension business can also do a lot! There’s a lot of hand-writing to do.


: You can write love letters for the young man. Amazon check, really found that there is a market:

You can write all kinds of greeting cards for people:

You can also write thank-you notes for delivery businesses:

At present, the writing machine is mainly suitable for companies, and some government departments, the use of the place is more.

And party members of government organs and public institutions

There are so many tasks to copy notes that teachers even use a writing machine to write comments for students. So the automatic writing machine is a market, competition is not big, the profit is considerable, you can try.

03 at the end

Four aspects of making money: 1, the information is poor, I know you don’t know; 2, poor cognition, I understand you don’t

Understand; 3, the execution is poor, you and I both understand, you don’t do I do; 4, the competition is poor, you and I do, I do better than you do.

And the information difference money is a lot of low cost or no cost operation, so it is suitable for a lot of people to do.

The above ways to make money from the information gap are just the tip of the iceberg. In fact, there are many

Many other industries have poor information. If you want to know more, I hope you can pay more attention to our bubble earn, and we will continue to share these valuable projects with you in the future.

Ok, that’s all for today. If you have any comments or suggestions, please let me know in the comments

Share two unusual projects that make money by using information gap, zero cost, no risk, suitable for most people to do.

Share two unusual projects that make money by using information gap, zero cost, no risk, suitable for most people to do.


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