Daily profit of 800+, dream roof merchants make money play actual combat replay next


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A day of stable profit of 200 dollars, moving bricks to make money dream gold project resume

“I do dream gold experience, talk about a series of basic gold operations, such as playing chart, digging chart, darts, ghost hunting.

The advantages and disadvantages of basic gold hunting are obvious. The good thing is you get paid right away

The benefit is that you can make money on the first day, which is much more reliable than some online projects that pay tuition fees but don’t see results.

The disadvantage is that it takes a lot of fingers and can make money. It is easy to die of sudden death if you work for more than ten hours every day. When entertainment becomes a professional job, maybe playing games is not so interesting.

I later and several careers

Do dream gold mining boss chat, their dream gold mining to make money mainly by activities, copies, with trumpet to catch ghosts to make money, a person 15 open three groups of number (4 Tiangong a temple), hourly income may be in 10


About /, two groups of numbers do a good job for a month how also have about 1W+ income.

In addition to

Some studios rely on scripts to run darts, play map, dig map, but the problem is very easy to seal the number, any script seal the number is only a matter of time, once the number sometimes have to post investment to buy the money, relying on script gold and official work against, is not a long-term way to make money.

But the dream game is a bit like a present

In the real world, you will find that the business logic of the real world also works in this game, on the contrary, it is much more pure and simple, and today I am going to talk about what some dream players probably know, is how the dream rooftop merchants make money.

The dream of the rooftop merchants, in fact, is a group of standing in the Chang ‘an flying symbol landing

Position to collect all kinds of game props of the second channel dealers, they will be the props in the hands of the game players at a low price to recover, and then sell high price to earn the difference, the gross profit of the difference is about 25% of the average retail price.

I will play this game to mark the current industry of Amoy shop group, in fact, I found no essential difference, dream

The merchant can also use the store group play to make money.

Compared with the margin of the Amoy department store group, the working capital of the basic sales, the business license, the operating cost of the net line, the comprehensive operating cost of the dream store group is lower, but the only disadvantage is that the customer unit price is not as high as direct Amazon, but you think about other aspects

There’s really no difference. It’s all about selling and making money.

The most important thing to do a dream roof merchant is to understand the server props receiving and retail prices.

The character I’m in

Order of Orchid Pavilion

, I just statistics the relevant price of the server, if interested in doing the dream roof merchant’s can

The price I have calculated should be directly contrasted. The left side is the price of receiving and selling, and the right side is the cost estimate paid by the dream roof merchant.

Daily sales of 100 million, can achieve a daily profit of 800+. Selling $100 million a day sounds a lot, but you have to remember that items in games can cost hundreds of thousands of games

When you start playing money, you don’t think it’s high.

The investment to make a dream roof merchant is much lower than that of a studio that plays gold game such as copy, activity, drawing, etc., because receiving and selling goods do not require any equipment, school skills, training, summoning beasts, etc., only the game character level is higher than 100 characters.

Dream limits single character carry

The amount of cash in the game, the maximum amount of cash carried = level * Level *2000+10000, that is, a level 100 account can carry the maximum amount of cash of 2001W, the cash game character will be automatically converted into a reserve (unable to make money) after being offline.

Dream roof merchant receiving the goods class

The type is very rich, gems, beasts, 607080 change, etc.

Business process dismantling:

(1) Prepare multiple high-level game accounts, which are divided into two groups.

One group stood on the rooftop to receive goods, and one group stood elsewhere in the game to sell goods.

(2) The costs we invest here are mainly in three aspects. On the one hand, account number

Its own cost, the price is basically 300-500


On the other hand, there is the money of the game’s point cards (open the monthly cards directly, or you can use your earned fantasy coins to buy point cards consigned by other players in the game). On the third side, there is the working capital, which is the money for receiving goods, if it is for collecting groceries (golden willow, such as

Italy Dan, strong fossil and other things) an account to prepare 2000w (184




Tips for receiving goods:

The current window automatically shouts to receive goods (improve the player’s attention rate, suitable for receiving some animal, five treasure a high price of props), compared with other peers generally +5000 price received goods (game play

When selling goods, they will shop around, and a few thousand game coins will not affect the profit)


Repeat the previous three steps for multiple servers.

My current server is LantingXu, which is one of the most popular areas in the dream at present. The competition in the fire area is also more fierce. The advantage is that the price ratio of dream coins is high, the speed of selling goods is fast and bad

The competition will be greater and the cost of receiving goods will be higher. We can focus on the newly opened new area.

(5) It is important to note that the upper limit of character backpacks and bags is 20 game items each, so we need to clean the backpacks regularly. We can prepare a trumpet to go back and forth between the rooftop and the goods booth

Delivery, once the backpack is full will affect the efficiency of receiving goods.

The key to success as a dream rooftop merchant is not how to sell the goods, because some of the items in the game are hard currency.

The key is how do you get the goods quickly

Studios that have long been rooftop merchants often have players who sell to them for a long time,

You can mix some gangs and players to organize the collection.

So far in the game

Yuehua Lu, Ruyi Dan

Wubao, Jinshun and other grocery products have low profit margins, but they sell quickly. Basically, all the world’s shouts are sold one by one (20 by one).

Dream Roof Merchant, I think is the whole game

There are only a few bubble online earning models that can be run by a team,

The problem of scale can be solved with low cost manpower,

Profits can also fully cover the operating expenses, but there is a certain threshold of liquidity, relatively speaking.

If we look at the specific input and output, dream of any kind of gameplay

Are not cost-effective,

It is a project to pick up the coins, but if you think about it from another point of view, if you are a young person in a small county who knows nothing about the Internet industry, maybe this is a good choice.

Daily profit of 800+, dream roof merchants make money play actual combat replay next

Daily profit of 800+, dream roof merchants make money play actual combat replay next


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