No brain money project, simple profiteering novice can do


All the Internet selling business, will involve the acquisition of front-end traffic and back-end customer service transformation, that we want to do a good job selling projects, front-end traffic is still relatively important.

In other words, where do we get traffic, which is very important for us, like the popular short video platform right now


, or

The huge flow of e-commerce Xianyu and other platforms are our priority.

What I’m going to talk to you about today is utilization


Matrix account diversion, selling cash, you don’t think this is difficult, actually we are


On is very easy to get fans, flow to wechat, in the vertical field can be realized.

The principle of this project is very simple, the front end to get traffic to sell goods on wechat, and the operation of this project is also very simple, as long as the operation, you can make money.

Now let me tell you a little bit about how this project works.

This project is on its own


If we do it, the audience is too small, so we have to

Have as few as five or even ten


I want you to check it out


Just fuck the chef who makes fish wrapped in paper. He has more than 30


He’s pushing his paper-wrapped fish technique.

Of course, we do not need real name authentication of these accounts, even the commodity window does not need to open, simple white skin account


The other is the preparation of the mobile phone, here the mobile phone bubble net to earn I suggest you the best is a


Number of a mobile phone, the mobile phone does not need a SIM card, in addition to the payment of the wechat signal, the Wechat signal is mainly to do cash preparation.

We are in the process of


Drainage, you can first learn from the peer, if

Peers have to do such similar products, we can directly copy, do a video clip and depth to weight.

Of course, if you’re looking for material here, I don’t recommend everyone


A platform to find, short video platform is very many, such as watermelon video, YouTube, B station, Kuaishou and so on

So, if you can’t find a counterpart that fits your product, you have to shoot by yourself. Here you can prepare a normal mobile phone that can shoot video.

In addition, we need to prepare an additional product, of course, this product should have a profit, selling goods on the Internet, the profit is mainly divided into two parts, the first is unit price bottom-fishing, by the volume to earn

Money, the second is the high price of customers, single category profit is considerable.

Which path to take is related to your product positioning, like


Book list number, one of its products is to promote books to get distribution commission, or directly sell books, sell book cards, this as long as often publish some philosophy related to books,

History is fine. It’s not too difficult.

And I know some friends who do


Some students come to me and tell me that they don’t know what to do. In fact, it is just to update the wallpaper daily, isn’t it? For specific products to be realized, I should prepare them by myself, such as second-hand mobile phones and Apple pads

Either way.

So I’m going to take a category that we recently made to talk to you about how to operate this kind of monetizing, we are currently doing in the field of color powder, after all, the most easily monetized traffic on the Internet is color stream.

The color stream fans we’re targeting aren’t men, they’re women. Why female fans? These

I’ll talk about it later. In fact, the attributes of fans are almost the same. They all belong to the same color stream category, just because women are more likely to impulsively buy.

Just in the operation, think we drainage is female powder, to create a male micro signal, just like do male powder with beauty video photos, we buy some male powder from the Internet

And then upload part of it every day to create a circle of male friends.

As for the products, we can choose some products needed by women, such as clothes, cosmetics and facial masks, which are very popular. This is just like a female salesman selling our male products, we are also easy to buy.

What if we

If you don’t sell products, selling female powder is more expensive than male powder. After all, female users generally have higher consumption power, and there will be female students and other users who like to consume ahead of time.

If we don’t sell products, we can focus on some skin care knowledge. Of course, this is from the male perspective, this knowledge

Knowledge can not only attract female fans, but also attract a lot of male fans, because the lack of the Internet this piece highlights a Qi such a male anchor.

In fact, I have talked a lot about the product link of this project. In addition to the traditional selling of goods, it includes service, experience sharing and recommendation

Anything, and one of the most popular programs is emotion analysis.

When it comes to sentiment analysis, we usually only see female analysts, and if there are male analysts, for many female users, it must be very desirable to experience.

As for why we should reverse the traffic attribute, do

Female pink flow, is because in line with a trend now, you can look at the recently banned one of the entertainment variety show, which is almost a single color Niang.

Although our values do not like this, but the majority of female fans like it, it is helpless, we do projects to do the standard of traffic is who can consume

Ligao, whose fans are more valuable, we will do who likes the content.



Matrix drainage realization, if according to the traditional thinking to do, is bound to be hindered by heavy, because this way of competition is very strong, but if you can be creative, do like the content is still very good.

No brain money project, simple profiteering novice can do


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