CPA pulls new ground push, zero threshold low cost profitable project


Many novice friends in the practical operation of money-making projects, attention has been limited to the online, often ignore the offline traffic, if a project can combine online and offline, just like CPA to pull the Xinfi push, although offline harder, but very profitable, and is a low-cost zero-threshold project.

In fact,

The reason why I also recommend novices to do this kind of project is that the project itself has no technology to speak of, it is very easy to get started, and the project resources in this area are also very large.

The first is the reward for APP promotion and download that we often see, and the reward for newly registered accounts. Let’s take a look at this

Quickly speed version, quickly speed version of the new one can earn $15, that is to say, you just need to let other people to download the APP to the phone, then brush a video to look at, don’t even need to log in to get the reward.

Second, this kind of project is usually accompanied by a




A small gift, but a single profit

But there are a dozen


Is a low cost and high profit project, and this commission is real-time to the account, the withdrawal is generally very fast.

Two days ago, a friend in the university city line to do this pull new, a day to earn more than ten thousand. The CPA of La Xin is divided into online and offline. Today we will mainly talk about offline.

To do this kind of project with the ground push.

Before in 17 years, there is a circle of brothers, do the Alipay red envelope project, of course, he is also the main line, he did not understand, is to pay the Alipay red envelope two-dimensional code to print a pile out.

He called some relatives and talked to some small supermarkets, let the cash register

The clerk pasted the QR code on the cashier’s desk. A supermarket pays 100 dollars a day, while a larger supermarket pays about 150,200 dollars, passively asking others to scan the QR code.

About two months or so, almost earned about 780,000 dollars, and then everyone knew this thing, including the latter

The owner of the supermarket knew, did not give the paste, they changed to their own red envelope two-dimensional code, so the back also stopped.

Of course, the reason why I mentioned this case above is to tell you that this project can make a lot of money in a short time. As long as there is enough human flow, there is no problem to push this project by the ground.

Currently on the market

Some good platforms, like a Bao’s pull new, a pay Bao’s pull new or an East pull new can be, including a sound pull new can, of course, we only push a few good reputation.

A new Alipay can be pulled several times, because a person can have three Alipay, multiple mobile phone numbers can pull each other new, and a sound

Pull new, is to register the account, a single also has more than a dozen


Right and left.

Now you might have a question here, so software, who doesn’t have it now? Almost everyone uses it. Who do you push it to?

Here I do not suggest that you go to the big cities to do this kind of CPA, we have to go to the county, go to the countryside to do it, the previous one

My friend said he went to the countryside to have a banquet and earned three or four hundred dollars for a meal.

Some people in the county or rural areas, especially the older ones, like


You hardly ever need it. Here’s another one


Do not register can brush video, many people look at the brush short video, but did not register.

Therefore, the threshold of this new project is very low, but there is a problem is to be able to pull down the face of this matter, settlement is usually very fast, are settled on the same day.

So how do we operate this project?

First of all, we should have a mobile phone card. I suggest that we find familiar business halls or mobile phone stores to get the card in bulk, and they are also

I’d love to, because most mobile phone stores have a card task.

Get the card, we have to do a series of advertising things, such as publicity album or loudspeaker, read the poster, illiterate listen to the loudspeaker, to ensure that everyone can get the information, rather than you a dry mouth to tell them.

And then I

We want to contact some low-price suppliers of daily necessities, someone who specializes in pushing the commodity this piece of business, or you have a marketing group of eastern goods can also, bulk others from a eastern goods to buy back free to send.

People come in and ask questions and so on and so forth, and then we open a card for them, and that way, I

We completely updated the previous to push the gameplay, including the card commission in the inside, out of the gift, we almost a single earn 100 is no problem.

In such operation, there is no problem for us to open 20 or 30 dollars a day. After deducting our artificial products, it is a mess. Will we make 2000 dollars a day

What’s the problem?

This project, up to now has a core problem, is the trust problem, if the trust problem can not be solved, this push project can not go on, after all, it involves ID card and face brushing and so on some problems.

So let me show you how to solve the trust problem,

First of all, we can find out the local connections and see which village in the social relations can do it. Then we can cooperate with the village department to promote the whole project and make it into the rural poverty alleviation through e-commerce.

As soon as I say this word, I think you must have seen a lot in the past two years. E-commerce companies send rural poverty alleviation, mobile phone cards, free gifts, which

One word is enough, and then you can wear the same uniform.

Or go to your local business hall, when you get the card, do activities with the local business hall, through the business hall free to the countryside to open the card to do this thing, they give the card, you give the gift, so cooperation, there are three operators to do endorsement for you

Can also easily solve trust issues.

This trust problem, you do not have to explain, say ten thousand times than directly let them see the brand already recognized, otherwise it will be very difficult to push.

CPA pulls new ground push, zero threshold low cost profitable project


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