Practical operation of wechat small program to make money for three months to realize the record


In December of last year, I wrote an article about small programs:

A text to take you deep flow cash project micro channel small program, some people into more than ten thousand a month, some people even have no money for dinner


At that time, the small program just went online on the first day, the income is 1.7, at that time is really feel quite boring.

However, the actual operation of small procedures to now, a whole

Over the past three months, walked a lot of pits, summed up a lot of experience, of course, also earned a little money, just three months today, wrote a copy!


Pros and cons

1. Account Number

The main advantage of wechat small program is that individuals can register 5, the self-employed and the main body of the company can register 50, unlike the public number

That way, there are registration restrictions!

If your small program can, one day less than dozens, more than hundreds, batch operation, a lot of benefits!

2. Operation

Wechat small program can be roughly divided into two directions, one is to do information class, one is to do tool class!

The picture below is a wordpress package

Small program, content needs to be updated every day, but also to drainage promotion, more trouble!

Tool class wechat small program is relatively simple, small program built, only need to drainage every day on the line, common tool class small program like watermark, copy extraction, dubbing, document format conversion and so on!

This is the bubble net

I made a small program to watermark, in addition to the number of analysis by looking at the advertisement, more by selling members!

Of course, my personal suggestion is to do a small tool program, the operation is relatively simple, to ensure that all the functions of the small program is normal, the rest only need drainage!

My own traffic main revenue daily at 2

Around 00, in addition to the flow of the main, there is the user to open member income, very sweet!

In addition, a better way to play is to do the matrix, small procedures can also be done in batches, mutual diversion, excellent effect!

3. Drainage

Relative to the public number, the small program is also better fission, drainage suction powder is also very simple. Of course, the user precipitation is not

Public number so good, most will be lost!

It looks like 200 a day is high, but more importantly, it’s draining! Bubble net earn my small program daily live 1000 users, revenue is only 200 looks!

After all, in one word: as long as you have traffic, you can live very comfortable!


Small program operation

Let me share with you my three months ‘experience.

1, do a good small program

The watermark I said above is just an example, but it is not to let you do to watermark small procedures, in addition to watermark, there are a lot of play, such as I said before to watch video unlock reading, is a very good case


In addition, you can do some small programs with member functions, relative to the flow of the main revenue, user pay revenue experience is better, money the next day directly settlement to the bank card!

Recently there are some public number in the main


Emojis drainage to wechat and public account project, pay 9.9 to enter the group to take emojis, if it is done

A small program related to emoticons, is there more than a way to cash?

Small program source code in addition to a universal treasure, Second hand goods trading platform is also very much, of course, also very cheap, generally a few pieces can buy!

2. Drainage promotion

Small program drainage promotion and in fact, wechat drainage and public number drainage is not much different, many

The same applies to law.

For example: ranking optimization,

Small program ranking optimization and the logic of the public number is the same, name, introduction, certification, and put the task quantity and so on. I have written a ranking optimization article before, interested friends can go to have a look:

The interception and ranking optimization technology of the public account of exploding traffic

Clever sharing

Another example: Search for traffic,

I wrote before the public number search a search of drainage ideas,”

Dry goods: How to search through wechat a search for wechat gold?

“Is also applicable to the diversion of small programs.

You can see the following picture, I search the keyword “shrimp to remove watermark”, the top is an article, click in

To see, a lot of reading, and then click into the public number to see the history of the news, the article is all batch search!

In addition, it is recommended to combine with private traffic, such as public number tweets can put small programs, wechat group to do can hang small programs, higher conversion!

3. Pit closure guide

The biggest hole is in the source code,

If you have a little spare money, go to the micro engine to buy small program on the line, relatively speaking, the quality is guaranteed, package update, service in place!

But mini programs on micro engines are usually not cheap. So you can go to a treasure a fish to buy learning version, a few dollars, affordable. The disadvantage is that there is no update!

It is not recommended to buy one

Pit location, domain name server and data are in others there, say shut down shut down, and this price is low!


A little insight

In fact, small program, very simple, the biggest problem is the flow. With traffic, everything makes money!

Do the Internet, spend more energy on drainage above, want to make money is not difficult!

If you’re doing it

Small program but every day to 0, or is ready to do small program but no idea, you can and bubble net to earn my exchange. I’ve been doing it for three months, so I’ve got a little bit of experience. Well, that’s it for today. I’ll see you tomorrow.

Practical operation of wechat small program to make money for three months to realize the record


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