Flow realized monthly income of more than 30,000, novice can do we media money project


For a long time, there are three most secure ways to cash out of “We Media” : the first is platform reward, the second is merchant advertisement, and the third is selling account, which is also the most used way to cash out since so many media platforms.

Until now, if people still ask me whether we media can still do it, I have a definite answer

It is certainly possible. At least in my opinion, some friends around me who are engaged in “we media” are doing well. At least they are making money.

Take the public number for example, an unpopular public number thousands of fans can receive CPC advertising for cash, a new list of thousands of advertising reading, at least can bring hundreds of revenue, when

However, this is still in the current public number platform stable, in the first few years advertising revenue will only be higher.

That’s like the others


At present, it is not suitable for novices to enter the field. Making videos is a team task, and it is relatively difficult to do it by one person. However, we can also achieve good results by doing we media on other platforms


Like for example

Social networking Sites

We can do the right thing

Social networking Sites

Do the account sucking and cash out. For now,

Social networking Sites

Better than the swifter,


Those tend to gain more followers, and have a relatively concentrated fan base, dominated by women.

Now I’m going to focus on how to design and monetize this project, we just need to keep filling in, right

Fill the content to drainage on the line, advertising or sell the number is a good choice.


Social networking Sites

The most confusing place for many people is the choice of fields. Here I will give you several directions. You can develop towards more subdivided fields, such as movies, animation, music, constellation, emotion, wallpaper, and so on

Yeah, we can do whatever the girls like.

Social networking Sites

The flow is mainly female, more than 9 percent of the female powder as long as we can take out the pain points to drainage, the normal content to do powder is still very convenient.

What I said above is that we’re going to have to

Social networking Sites

In the field of operation, then these areas, we have to fix

Set their own bubble net to earn the direction of operation, and then find out a number of peers, that is equivalent to a lot of content for us to collect and transport.

Handling peer content is what we want to do for a long time, not only peers, we find some material files in other areas can also be used, the most important thing is you

As long as you can keep putting out content.

Of course I said

Social networking Sites

Good liquidity, not just means

Social networking Sites

Quick drainage, good powder effect, more lies in

Social networking Sites

Most of the female users on the Internet, the commodity market dominated by female users, are relatively quick to cash out because of their strong consumption power.

Do it now

Social networking Sites

The first line of goods is promotion

Commission, most people are now choosing the second mode of operation, which is to guide users to add wechat and complete the whole transformation link in wechat.

So let’s start with the whole thing

Social networking Sites

To design how we should do this project.

Account Registration

The mobile phone number is recommended here

Book account, because the commonly used mobile phone number registered account weight is generally relatively high, and then choose a field of their own to do, of course, this field can choose their own, but the important thing is to focus on female goods.

Here a lot of friends may ask, how do we drainage to wechat, this will be talked about later, the new registered account

I don’t recommend putting your contact information directly on your nickname, signature, or profile.

There’s a trick here, of course,

Social networking Sites

The nickname can not be set into the micro signal, but we can set our own micro signal into

Social networking Sites

So, you see what’s going on here? It’s implicit

To hide the method of leaving contact information, we only need to appropriately prompt users in the picture and guide them to add wechat.

Publishing a Work

I skipped over it here

Social networking Sites

Because I feel like

Social networking Sites

Just like Quora, we don’t need to raise Weibo at all, as long as we can avoid some violations on the platform

Banned words can be, normal people operate the account must be no problem.

More attention should be paid to how to make the platform recommend our notes, and how to make the notes more easily popular, because if our notes are not hot, it is impossible to be included by the platform, in that case, customers through various search channels

They’re not gonna find us.

There are several important points that we should take into account in the release of notes, such as the layout of notes, how to put keywords in the title, how to make pictures on notes, and how to write the labels of notes. We should take into account certain long tail phrases.


And finally, the important thing about

Social networking Sites


Some illegal content, we want to operate a good platform, first of all must know the rules of these platforms, according to the rules, we can make corresponding changes, otherwise just start will tread the thunder.

Social networking Sites

It is strictly prohibited to divert to other platforms, not only wechat, privately diverted to any platform is not good, many platforms

Limit the flow out of the country, this is very normal, with the above covert methods to do it.

In addition to do the content of the account must be vertical, do not write toner today, tomorrow to write shoes and bags, not vertical not only users do not like, but the platform will also take away the traffic, this must know.


Social networking Sites


For our individual entrepreneurs, the threshold is very low. Everyone says that the public account depends on writing.


By acting, that’s

Social networking Sites

By what,

Social networking Sites

Aesthetically, a concise, interesting and engaging note is enough, perfect for beginners.

Flow realized monthly income of more than 30,000, novice can do we media money project


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