Low cost high profit, 90% profit margin, social people Peppa Pig understand, easily earn 8000 month


Not long ago, the three-piece code of “social person”, Peppa Pig and society was praised by everyone. To be honest, when I first heard it, I still didn’t understand it very well. I could only search the source of this meme.

All I see is this Peppa Pig craze that’s driving a social three-piece sale,

This also let bubble net earn I saw a business opportunity, after reading, a simple operation, low threshold Peppa Pig tattoo project automatically generated in my brain, the specific operation just look down.

First, how popular is Peppa Pig?

You can check out Weibo, # Peppa Pig social people, # Peppa Pig

Hashtags such as # Peppa Pig and # Piggy Pig have received anywhere from millions to hundreds of millions of views.

Speaking of social threes, how popular is the Peppa Pig Social Watch? It’s said to be reserved. Uh, in


It sells over 10,000 pieces a month…

Let’s take a look at the hero of today’s program

— Peppa Pig tattoo paste, there is a popular saying “Peppa pig tattoo, applause for social people”, this once sold out of the tattoo paste, in 1688, the cost of 30 Peppa pig tattoo paste is 60 cents, that is a net profit of 9 dollars per order, 60,000 single every month! Hundreds of thousands of high profits! good

It’s like profiteering!

Second, where will the supply come from?

I do not recommend their own production, there is a production of this time, to attract some traffic is good.

Direct 1688 purchase, set a 10,000 pieces of this only 1500 dollars cost, this threshold is very low!

Third, how to drain it?



A “Peppa Pig”

With tens of thousands of people participating in the challenge, there are a lot of Peppa Pig watches and stickers that get millions of likes, so the first place to draw attention must be




Drainage methods are very, very many, I will not say.

This project is really very easy, but there is a certain timeliness, after the social heat has passed

After that, just the sales of this series of tattoo paste may not be enough, hot spots are often, and then keep rubbing hot spot tattoo paste on the line.

No matter what the entrepreneurial project, you need to do it first, do it can have the opportunity, just look at will only become a visionary.

Ok, that’s all I have to share today.

High hopes

Home do not miss, every opportunity, refueling on the Internet, but also out of the world, to their own home better life, refueling brothers.

Low cost high profit, 90% profit margin, social people Peppa Pig understand, easily earn 8000  month


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