Zero-cost long-term compound interest project — public number dispatch


Often hear someone ask, now the public number can also do?

The public number in the past to get traffic method is very difficult, can only rely on the active flow, we need to take the initiative to leave their own public number, let others take the initiative to add.

But now with the popularity of wechat search a search, for the public number of traffic access, there is still

A little advantage.

Today, I’m not talking about how to get wechat traffic, but about how to give you a pie order. The so-called pie order is advertising.

Is that we often encounter unsolicited advertising, and we negotiate the price. These are the guys who make the pie orders.

Why is there a pie list? I’m directly in the tiny

Treasure, there is a platform to earn advertising is not good.

First of all, for our public number owners, the advertising price of the third party platform is low, and secondly for advertisers, their delivery is not accurate enough, not cost-effective. So there was a market demand, there was a pie industry.

So the underlying logic of this project is actually a medium

An item in which a dealer makes a profit.

The specific operation method for you to say:

1. Project cost

This is an information docking project, so our economic cost is basically no, our cost is mainly the cost of time.

Because the search for high-quality advertisers and high-quality public number owners is a very long

The process, maybe you find thirty or fifty, are not too strong will, this will destroy our confidence.

But the threshold for this project is also relatively low.

2. Find quality advertisers

We can go to 58, and other information release platforms, to register advertising and other information, there are advertisers

If you see it, you’ll contact us.

You can also release messages on Second hand goods trading platform. There will be a lot of advertisers will take the initiative to contact us.

We can also go to the mix group, QQ group, etc., we first use the Internet thinking to spread the net, in each flow platform to leave I have a lot of resources, I need to match the external shape of advertisers


After we have a certain number of advertisers, you can and advertising main good relationship to transfer the introduction, as long as you let him affirm your resources, will certainly give you to introduce the resources around him.

In this era, resources are shared, and only shared resources can we grow rapidly.

3. Look for quality public accounts

Generally speaking, we are in the new bang, watermelon data and other data platforms to search for a large number of public number data.

You can also directly search inside the wechat through the public number article and the content of the public number to search to match the public number.

We did a manual screening ourselves, sorted it out in excel,


We have to avoid some pits, we have to be able to identify some false amounts, false powder.

When chatting with the main public number, look at the background data, there is no powder suddenly, or just like the data suddenly up.

All of these numbers are very risky, we try to avoid, and also break and picture numbers, these things

The fan conversion rate will be much lower.

Generally speaking, there are many thousands of public number Daniel, there will be a lot of public number, there will be a matrix, as long as we get in touch with a very strong, and he make good friends he can also take you to know a lot of circles

The rest of the public number is very strong players.

4. Do good customer retention

We are in the early stage

Start to do, we should do a good job of service, let customers feel our sincerity. This makes it possible to cooperate many times.

After we hook up with the next house, we need to keep track of the results of our pie orders.

Generally speaking, our public number released, there will be a flow of eruption period, is about 4-5 hours

Around this time, we monitor the exposure rate of the public account master, calculate the conversion rate and exposure cost, and make a good record.

Then, according to the exposure of 24 hours, the production ratio is calculated to determine whether the unit price of customers meets the expectations.

After a long time of accumulation, we can sort out a number of high-quality public number master

And a group of quality advertisers, so that we have a prerequisite for the continued growth of wealth.

5. Project outlook

This gameplay is completely replicable, bubble net earn I also said at the beginning, this is a middleman to earn the difference project.

This game can be extended to small program ordering,


Pie list, etc.

We all know that

Road is now the flow of the main, we pay more attention to the flow of acquisition and retention, we in turn, to obtain a number of high-quality advertisers, so is not to obtain a number of high-quality backers?

Don’t worry about the advertiser will themselves and the flow side docking, the advertiser’s budget is a lot, he will not go to one by one,

You have a number of quality resources at your disposal, can save him a lot of time costs.

To sum up

This middleman’s play, we are most familiar with the housing agency.

I don’t think you should have heard of any intermediary bankruptcy, there will only earn money.

Before do intermediary also need to rent the facade to do decoration

. Now do the middleman on the network, it does not need to cost, as long as you are willing to calm down to do, after the acquisition of resources can be extended to any field.

If you have no money, no skills, and want to make money, why not do something about it?

Zero-cost long-term compound interest project — public number dispatch


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