Share a micro headlines to make money, just mindless copy and paste, daily entry of 100


These days someone is talking about micro headlines to make money.

Today we will talk about how to make money?

First, what is a microheadline?

Micro headlines is a function equivalent to moments inside Toutiao.

But, uh, micro headlines pay off.

As long as you have 100 followers, you can open micro headlines for free

Revenue, so that the future micro headlines, as long as people read, there will be revenue, and so far the revenue is quite high.

Where there is a profit, there are people, this is not, there are people enter.

Looking at other people’s returns, it’s okay. It’s okay.

Speaking of mindless manipulation, that must be the easy way.

Let’s look at individual cases first


Such a cliched copy, I typed part, but still can see the cliched copy.

Nearly 2,000 likes and hundreds of comments

The reading must have run into the hundreds of thousands.

If nothing else, these two little headlines, they make hundreds



So where do you find such cliched copy?

I don’t know if you still

Do you remember magazines from the 80’s, such as Bosom Friend, Story Board, Reader, Youth Digest, Girlfriend, Folk Tales, and so on?

By now smart people should know what to do.

Find these magazines. Move them?

Yeah, that’s how you do it.

Spend some money to buy it, copy it every day.

You can send 10 pieces a day, and you can send them over time.

And it can accumulate.

Early insist on hair, late continue to earn income.

It’s so easy, is it?

If you do, get on with it.

Can Quora operate in the same way? Quora is also profitable!

YouTube can also operate in this way

? The YouTube is available for delivery!

So much for today. If you want to operate, you may as well do it.

Share a micro headlines to make money, just mindless copy and paste, daily entry of 100


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