Zero threshold side business money project, code word can also earn tens of thousands of dollars a month


Now a lot of people have the idea of making money on the Internet, I think writing this kind of part-time money project is very good, the novice has no skill, want to make money is still confused, can only do some simple task or hang up the project to earn some pocket money.

What do you need for the writing job I just mentioned

Technical, just by writing words can make money, for beginners to choose this part-time earning project threshold will be much lower.

So today we will explain how to operate this kind of writing alone can make money project, and according to the current situation of an industry, give you a career analysis.

So let’s

If you want to make money from writing, you need to know several ways to make money or channels. Only by understanding and mastering these channels can you make money from writing.

Of course, no matter you are Weike take orders, we media, submission and so on are all channels, like one day headlines, there are a large number of headline party by washing some exaggerated article blog

Eyeballs make money, but that’s one way to do it.

Let’s not talk about the operation method of “we media” here. This threshold is a little high. After all, doing “we media” is not only about writing, but also about having a deep understanding of the platform.


Today I’m going to focus on how to make money by writing articles for clients. I think this bubble online business is more suitable for newcomers without platforms.

Ok, so before we start preparing to take orders and write them for customers, we need to understand that orders can come from all platforms, and we can come from all platforms

To acquire resources, not just our own.

With the above in mind, this part-time writing is easy, because you can only make money if you get enough orders.

Connect to single platform

Below, I have sorted out a list of some channel problems when receiving orders. These channels can help us find them quickly

Own customers and receive orders:

A brief introduction to, you should be very familiar with this, the old part-time task website, you publish the task, there will be professional people to help you earn commission, you can also accept some other people’s tasks in it, you can also make money, belong to the prey and bounty hunter type

The platform.

In addition, there are a lot of part-time work in the QQ group, a lot of people, especially some Internet companies will put a lot of writer code word task to the large part-time team to do, these part-time team will be further issued to the QQ group, so we can receive some single in the QQ group, of course, the group master is to take kickbacks

Here, we need to pay attention to one point, part-time platform is different from other, pay money first are crooks.

In addition, various writing forums, post bars, tribes and so on can also provide us with good customer groups, because customers who place orders like to go to places where peers gather, after all, they can compare prices.

And if you have your own

Platform, of course, can also, here the own platform refers to such as a Bao Dai writing of these shops, you can rely on the large flow of the e-commerce platform to receive orders, this is actually a good channel, but now it is more difficult to do their own shop.

But many of the stores that will survive are doing well, and some

Shops will choose to cooperate with part-time writers, if you can sign up for these shops, you will also get a part of the list, at least food and clothing should be no problem.

These channels to go through, you will find writing to make money this project is very market, because there are more people every day, even if it is a simple one

A graduation thesis, there are a lot of people on the Internet to recruit people to write.

So we usually take orders at the same time, or to improve their writing ability, part-time writing is like a surrogate driving, you will encounter what kind of car, what kind of needs will also encounter, can not say that the car bubble I won’t drive to give up this order, to appropriate

Should be a variety of writing copywriting.

The mediation

In addition to our own part-time writing, another profitable way is to recruit a group of part-time writers, and then to the project as an intermediary, from you to distribute the project to earn a commission for each writer. This writing intermediary is generally in several channels to do, such as QQ group part-time

Writing group master, just mentioned above, these are specialized intermediaries.

The scope of part-time copywriting is still relatively wide, such as film and television publicity, website SEO articles, corporate planning copywriting, travel notes, hosting orders, corporate brand stories and so on many kinds can be written.

Then we’ll take it

When can also be mainly in these aspects, after all, the hot copywriting sent orders of enterprises or more.

For the resource of writers, you can post on platforms like Douban, recruit writers’ copywriting, and add more part-time writing groups. When the number of people in the early stage is not enough, you can even join the group

Add a friend, some QQ part-time writing group writers, is also the object we want to attract.

As long as you have enough orders, a lot of people will follow you, and then you don’t need to write yourself anymore. Being an agent can make you a lot of money, and it’s very easy.

Now 2021 is myopic

In a year of frequent outbreaks, however, there is still a market for writing, and fewer and fewer part-time writers are engaged in writing work. In this case, the competition will be small, but there may be a lot of good orders.

Zero threshold side business money project, code word can also earn tens of thousands of dollars a month


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