Novice brick to make money project, a month into more than ten million online sideline


The Internet to make money thousands of projects, as long as you can find a suitable way for you, deep down on it, recently there are a lot of students to consult me some simple money projects, here I will give you to share a novice can operate the simple brick project.

Before I go into this project, I want you to know what is moving

The brick project, as the name implies, is to transfer our known resources to another platform to earn the price difference, which requires us to have a platform thinking.

Take the project we are going to talk about today as an example. The category I am going to do is template. This kind of resource is the easiest to move to another platform

If we set up the back end of fee conversion, it will bring us profit.

Let’s go to station B first, because the template we carried is related to video, such as this short video template, more suitable for many individuals or companies doing video we media.

Let’s search the PR template on the B site, PR people

As we all know, video clip template is also a relatively comprehensive software of adoub company, with comprehensive functions, it will be widely used, and the demand for some outside templates will increase.

Let’s search for templates and look at some of the video template material from PR, as well as the template from AE, which is a shadow

Video clip template, in addition to some popular video clip template, such as the camera.

Although video conference is a second-level editing software compared with PR, it is used by many people because of its simple operation. Our purpose is not only to distinguish software, but also to distinguish popular video templates.

We’re all going to do it.

Then we have figured out a content to carry, how to carry, how to cash it, I will divide into three steps to explain this project to you.

Preliminary preparation Work

First of all, we need to transport these video templates to have an account to download, that early preparation work has a very important account

Preparation, platform account, the platform account here is two aspects.

First, we do traffic acquisition platform, early release content platform, these platforms, I give you a few, such as


, fast hand,

Social networking Sites

, Xianyu, B station, Quora, Toutiao, hundred, Penguin, Big Fish

And so on.

The reason why these basically all the YouTube of the whole network are listed out, is to be able to expose our own content as much as possible, the content is the most important, only constantly let people contact our output content, to drainage.

You can download a lot of resources and keep them

Under the contact information of the video station, in the later editing software to add their own contact information, if you can not leave it, do not leave it, will be directly deleted by the platform, serious will also be blocked.

Second, is the material to obtain the platform, a lot of platform download resources need members, like some do better material website package

Graph network, Graph network, template Sky and so on, these are all required members to download the content of the platform.

Integration of resources

So we can download a lot of these resource templates on the website platform through such a member, then we need to carry out an integration, the same category of video templates to be put together.

We can download more of them all at once, and then use the editing software to remove the watermark and logo,

Text can also be replaced with one of their own ads, like some videos may appear 2021PR, etc., change into their own text, and then save as the source file.

The most important thing about this product is the source file. If you have done the design, you should know that the source file can be modified at will. We will solve the source file as a whole

Press it down and put it on a web disk.

Part of realization

We can create several groups in the early stage to store the traffic fans from the drainage, such as the video group, PR template material group and so on, set these groups as paid groups, and then upload classified materials in the group.

Or divert fans to wechat to cash out

At this point, many people will question whether anyone wants this product or how much demand there is for these templates. In fact, many companies engaged in short video “we media” need such materials.

It is not cost-effective for them to recharge more than 100 members directly on the platform. We can get a low price on our side

It will be more cost-effective to constantly update the material, especially now that more and more people join the short video we media array, templates will become hot.

So we laid out this project in the early stage. To a certain extent, Bubble online can get these fans with strong demand before others, and now we have made short videos privately

By is not a new thing, to find a treasure custom template, there are a lot of costs, just a few seconds are in the hundreds



This also promoted the development of our industry, to move high-paid platform resources into our private traffic pool, guide more people to enter at a low price, then we actually earn a quantity

As long as you do a good job of product integration and flow channel control, it is very easy to make money later.

Novice brick to make money project, a month into more than ten million online sideline


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