3 information flow advertising money project, zero base can also earn 8000 a month


For an Internet company, doing business must be inseparable from traffic. Only accurate traffic can be realized accurately. Only with inexhaustible traffic at the front end can the project continue to develop stably.

So there are actually two ways of thinking about it, do you want to do paid traffic online, or do you want to focus on free traffic, which is

Two concepts, because as long as there is a sale there must be advertising, paid advertising is the benefit of a very fast start.

For example, some projects that exclusively rely on paid advertising to make money, such as Google Bidding, rely on the mainstream advertising of search engines to turn into cash, because paid advertising although investment money, but the return is still very powerful.


This is what many people mean when they say they would rather do paid traffic than free traffic. If you want to scale your project quickly, maximize your traffic data in the first place and then either sell your product or make money from it.

I’m going to tell you about three major monetizers of paid stream advertising, before

Time investment is not the most important, how to get customers to cash out is a very worthy of study.

The headline news stream AD

This Toutiao daily life as we all know, in the past few years have been throwing money to various writers, whether it is handling or piecing together hydrology, can get the creator award on this platform, now

Daily headline traffic is large, also become the object of advertisers’ attention.

Usually when we read news on these platforms, we often see advertisements released by various apps, or some information advertisements. There is no difference between them and some other content, but there are two more words at the bottom of the advertisement.

Currently in these flat

The biggest categories of investment ads on the platform are financial planning, games, education and training, real estate, investment and joining and so on. In recent years, there are also a lot of e-commerce ads.

Advertising on these platforms, the day water is very large, negotiated advertising can get customers on the above, is generally carried out in accordance with the click

Yes, but the larger the platform traffic, the higher the settlement unit price.

Search engine bid advertising

Competitive advertising, as the name implies, is competitive advertising, which we should often see on Google, because no matter what kind of keywords we search, the first few are always competitive advertising.

Wide bidding

The advantage is that the ranking is very top, more than Google itself included in the front, paid advertising is generally ranked in the first few, the current search engine bidding advertising is also a very successful business model on the Internet.

We can surf the Internet without opening programs, we can watch movies without listening to music, but basically everybody

We all know to use Google, that domestic Google, foreign Google these search engines, once there was a monopoly bidding advertising.

Because we know when we consult Google keyword search access, search is everywhere, and the target group of search advertising is everywhere, as long as we correctly use search

Engine, its one customer is broader than the information flow.

Of course, the most important thing is precision, only users who search accurately can have a better conversion rate, so why the search engine advertising is still in use, although bidding is now more expensive, but undeniably, its flow is indeed not

Often accurate.

Platform display advertising

This kind of advertising is equivalent to a small range of private advertising, or the product of advertising under the segmented field, the general form is picture advertising or intelligent matching graphic advertising.

A very big advantage of this kind of advertising is high display, as long as we enter this APP we can

Seeing such an advertisement, the price of the advertisement is relatively low because of the vertical segmentation of the field, which is suitable for the promotion and activities of some brands.

These ads work well on both mobile and PC, and users can be very accurate because the apps themselves are a small one

The private domain traffic pool.

The above three kinds I talked about are the more popular platforms and methods of paying traffic on the market at present. For our users, as long as these platforms are used well, they will get a good flow display.

Do this kind of paid customer project, to docking some platform resources, this is the comparison

Trouble, it is better to go directly to these media intermediaries, we do not look down on these media, is very profitable, profit points in about 10 to 50.

Generally they are mixed in the enterprise resources docking circle, as long as a platform or project bubble net income has the willingness to pay will directly talk about cooperation, straightforward

Post some paid information, of course if we have enough free time can also do this.

The core of paid advertising is the value of advertising. When we implement a project, we can put some small platforms in the early stage to see the effect, and then pay to do more platforms in the later stage.


In order to recommend the platform, from which to earn the difference, the two platforms should have the right resources, as long as the target, the heart to implement is OK, after all, there are still a lot of practitioners in this line.

3 information flow advertising money project, zero base can also earn 8000  a month


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