Do a set of marketing cash, a simple profiteering project, pure bricks can also make money


When it comes to the most profitable traffic attributes of the Internet, in addition to the treasure mother female powder, we will think of the color flow, the Internet realized relatively fast to the number of color flow this category, when it comes to color flow, there will be some partial door industry.

There are many online projects for color flow realization, like we are familiar with photo station, pan

In addition to these more formal projects, such as navigation, there are loufeng information, zhanjie, red envelope marketing and so on these more gray industries.

In fact, many projects are more or less advantageous to use the color flow of this attribute, about this piece of marketing, in the whole network and even offline have a good effect, why the car

Mode must be a beauty, color flow suction attributes, why the front desk must be a beauty, why sales must have beauty, why online tea girls are beautiful, all these are fully grasp the use of the man’s psychology.

So today’s project has a lot to do with color flow, which is to do the marketing of the atlas

Cash, we search the relevant keywords in Google index to know how high the heat of this industry is.

Some time ago, a picture package website tutorial online, is to make a photo station, and then rely on this station to make money, in fact, by doing keywords to achieve participation ranking, and then guide the natural search

Call traffic to buy our atlas or membership.

This is a relatively traditional operation method. I have also talked about a period of such a project before. The biggest profit guarantee of photo station is the natural search traffic.

But it’s really hard for beginners to do, because photo stations are needed

Want us to do too much SEO related knowledge, such as the layout of the page, classified bar keywords, website brand words and subtitles, home keywords optimization and so on, these problems can basically let most novices escape this industry.

Once you do it, you have to pay attention to all kinds of news and search engine algorithms from time to time

Upgrade, because this station although not illegal, due to a long time of operation, some contraband words on the site stack, resulting in the late drop right is inevitable.

So this kind of direct is to set map as the main content of the website is not very stable, and for beginners to operate on the high level of difficulty, we want to do this

Class to make money, it is necessary to find a new way to start from no threshold.

Online marketing channels are very many, the website is just one of the platforms, like a treasure, we open the search map, we can see a lot of map package content, these content is very consistent with our target products.

However more, before there are a lot of Second hand goods trading platform, the front end time to combat virtual goods is more strict, a lot of babies are off the shelf, but Second hand goods trading platform has a very good place, no matter how high your price, can sell, more than ten dollars a picture package easily.

To do this project well, first we have to figure out how to get it

Although some sets of maps are searched online, if we want to sell them, we still need to make a good arrangement. In addition, when we download the set of maps, we should remember to delete the large-scale pictures that are too exposed.

We only do beautiful pictures, but do not go to do color, yellow, this we must remember

Illegal things are resolutely not touched.

Like the acquisition of this kind of pictures, can be downloaded in some photo websites, many websites need to recharge members, like push sister, street photography, about life members is now more than 100 prices, we directly recharge a, the content can be downloaded directly.

In addition, there are some photo public number, some in order to drainage is free to provide download, some will be directly in the public number to show us, that we pay more attention to this kind of account, because this photo class picture public number every period of time will push their trumpet.

Of course, if you can turn on station P,

In this website is more able to get a lot of bubble net to earn the beauty of the picture, do picture set and animation photo, cosplay these things can not be separated, basically with two times


Lord, then you all know that the P station is also the most famous quadratic in the world


Picture the website.

Well, if we have so many channels we can

To find these patterns, how to promote them?

The first is QQ group, we open the QQ group, search for beauty picture, which see a lot of groups, group members are basically accurate fans, into the group direct advertising can be, of course, the advertising must talk about these picture packages are free.

Drain the man first

Come, to our own private domain traffic, so as to slowly transform, before we only send one or two sets of diagram packages, and then come up with a more exciting picture package to do cash conversion.

Here we should pay attention to, QQ group after the advertisement must remember to quit, do not doubt, in others group of advertisement, the probability of being kicked

It must be more than 99%, so we’ll just quit and keep looking for other groups.

Like Douban this platform is also good, can shop a certain drainage copy, in addition, we should be clear about the beauty set of a range of use, you may also see, more and more bubble net earn Wechat business, using a set to decorate their own friends

Circle of friends, that these sets of maps for them is still a demand product.

A set of map pricing 5 dollars 8 dollars can, too many words pay the bill is very few people, this male flow more our set of map products will be better to sell, at this time we look back, in fact, a lot of online money projects, as long as the phase

The connected platforms make money.

Do a set of marketing cash, a simple profiteering project, pure bricks can also make money


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