A long-term passive flow money making project, the use of product drainage cash, daily income of 180


Making money online can be divided into several directions, such as making a platform. If the platform is well operated, we media can make money continuously. Another popular category is e-commerce, which makes products online and makes money as if they are sold.

Today I’m talking about a project that uses product drainage to cash in. What is the product, here I give big

The product positioning of home is software. I know that software is sold very much online, like a treasure, Pinduoduo and so on. There are many competitors.

So the method that I’m going to talk to you about today can change this hot competition to a large extent, because if you’re a beginner, you need stability, not profit


Ok, so we talked about making money selling software, so what is software or in other words, what software do we need to find to funnel ourselves?

Like myself, I used to do game design, and the software I am familiar with is basically design, such as PS, AI, PR and so on, which has become very rare

What key role does it play in our overall sales project?

First of all, in the early stage, I suggest you to directly sell this kind of software, and buy a full set of each version online. For example, PS software, the full set is very cheap, and even there are many channels online to download it for free.

What you must be thinking at this point

In fact, these two platforms are not impossible. As long as you hang up the baby, you can sell it, but it is very easy to violate the rules, and the probability of being banned is also very large. We do not recommend directly on the platform.

Here I give you an idea, is to rely on the most popular media to do the screen, come

Divert free natural search traffic.

How to understand this sentence, like the above mentioned various software, after finding various versions, what we need to do is to record the installation video of these software programs, using the screen recording software.

Of course, it is not pure recording, in the middle or to add their own one

A drainage of words, such as want to get these software, on the private message or add my one contact information, or pay attention to the public number reply keyword access and so on.

We can not be very understanding of every software or even operation, in order to achieve the effect of drainage, can only choose the software installation video, the whole

The installation steps are uploaded to each video platform.

Like this kind of original video, with a certain learning value, every platform is very like, we do not accept apprentices, so there is no need for very fine operation, here I suggest you to send these software for free.

Why give it away for free? Two reasons. First, because

This kind of software online competition is very big, the design of the software we go to search for a look, full screen is all, the seller is more than the buyer, the second is because this kind of software has a common problem, that is, if the customer installation is not good, you need a remote assistance.

Even I often encounter even decompression do not know

How to do friends, you expect him to install the software program, that is to catch the duck on the shelf, because the value of the software is only a few dollars, so we want to do bubble net income is a batch transaction, rather than a location service.

The software in the whole network to do video drainage free of charge in order to get customers, market help

Help us in the screening of users, there is a demand for the end market, these users from us to take software, is a certain dependence on the software.

If we can do the video diversion hegemony screen case, what products are we going to sell, software around?

No, it’s still software.

This is taking advantage of a poorly informed platform

I love to crack these software platforms, we take some of the above and design or practical some of the software download, then packaged and sold.

This kind of software compared with PS, AI and so on, there is a certain scarcity, I do not know if you have this experience, in a treasure to see several shop bought product package

The boxes are the same, they are all green cylinders, but the stickers are different. Is it a coincidence?

This is the same kind of product, manufacturers do different packaging, artificially create the scarcity of goods, so that everyone sells their own products, hire their own agents, and live in peace.

Some of the footage in the country is

We are not allowed to directly leave contact information or wechat, you can tell them in the video to contact you or private message you if they need, the specific method we can test.

As for why I let you do free drainage in the form of video, it is also based on two reasons, the first is short-sighted

Frequency is the first media, compared to the text we are more willing to spend time on the video, second, we can search on Google, most of the installation tutorials are graphic form, and the video installation is relatively less, this piece of the market is relatively blank.

Then channels like watermelon video, B station

, iQiyi, good video and so on, you can synchronize the software installation video uploaded to these platforms, because this software market is very large, every year there are millions of college students to work, the demand for software is completely beyond everyone’s imagination.

Whether they sell it for ten or eight, we’re right again

This group must be free to send dimensionally reduced drainage, can quickly accumulate a number of seed fans, later want to do fission, on a regular basis to share the circle of friends screenshot to get free utility software this activity.

If the traffic is large enough, build group management, like the popular programming courses or video clips, learn beauty

Skills and so on those surrounding courses will take the initiative to find you to talk about cooperation, of course, this is behind the long-term operation of a relatively small profit link.

A long-term passive flow money making project, the use of product drainage cash, daily income of 180


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