Using free flow, daily drainage 100 accurate customers, how to do it?


Let me first talk about this project, which is the micro headlines of Toutiao. You may read it


More, see today’s headlines, is nothing more than to kill time, and you see the cool text, or, selling anxiety, divorce, gossip, bride price, mistress and so on, this kind of subject is able to attract your eyes, and amateurs watch the lively, expert

Look at the door, you see at the same time, increase the amount of micro headlines and reading, yes, this is money, this is real gold and silver, generally 100 powder can open revenue, 1w powder can bring goods, bring goods, according to your theme to bring goods, I take this slowly, maybe you haven’t react, I give you an example

Do anything

Eye, can not be separated from drainage!

Drainage is not difficult technology, but persistent mentality, and strong execution…

As long as you can insist on doing it will be able to have a steady flow of flow!

In fact, the most difficult drainage is not technology, but you have a day arch a pawn mentality, and as always adhere to the execution.


In a day basically there are 100 accurate traffic actively add my bubble net to earn, with those who are apt to lead thousands of thousands of traffic is certainly not as big as!

As for me, I have always been very good at drainage, so I am satisfied with the current situation!

My traffic is basically free traffic, the main source

Is Google search, wechat search a search, headline search and other search traffic!

At present, the main search traffic to Google, others are also constantly power!

So do search traffic, how to have a steady flow of accurate traffic?

I do this simply by laying out a lot of long tail words over and over again

High weight platform to send the corresponding article.

Once the article is included, there is a good chance that my long tail word will get a good ranking.

To give a random example:

For example, now that summer is coming, many girls wear short-sleeved shorts and want to wax!

At this time, many people will habitually search in Google and depilatory phase

The content of the Guan.

What to search for?

For example: [hair removal with which method is good] this keyword.

Then Google will list some hair removal related content.

If this time, you in advance of the layout of the content just on the Google home page, so is there a great chance to be searched by others to see!

If this is the content

Face with you buried in advance drainage bait, will there be a chance to add you?

And these long tail keywords are very accurate flow!

A single long tail word, although not too big waves!

But what if you laid out 1000 long tail keywords? What if you have 10,000 long tail keywords


So your exposure has increased exponentially!

Of course, these workload is large, can not be achieved in one day, I am now layout of keywords are not particularly many, but every day is very stable more than 100 people will pay attention to my project related to the public number!

And this is cumulative, you lay out

The more keywords, to the late flow is also more!

So how exactly do you do that?

To recap:

First: List your selling points first

No matter what project we do, we should know our product and list all the selling points, functions and effects of the product as much as possible.

Such as selling

Skin care products!

There are hydrating, sunscreen, whitening, moisturizing, freckle, acne, wrinkle and so on…

Behind every selling point is a type of customer group!

Second: according to the product selling point mining long tail keywords

How do you dig it?

This is where the tools come in, and I recommend 5118

Have, relatively simple!

Directly put the selling point as the root of the search can be, for example, I search “sun protection”, then all the sun protection related to the long tail keywords will be listed!

In this to suit your keywords all download down, some irrelevant keywords all eliminate!

A high search volume is a high exponent

It shows that the demand is large, at the same time according to the degree of competition to choose suitable keywords for you!

General search volume is high, low competition words are very good words! These are your priority words!

Then put all the appropriate words in the table!

Third: according to the mining of the long tail keywords, whole

Find the right content and publish it

Before we have sorted out a lot of long tail keywords! Then we need to organize the content around these words!

Many people don’t know how to organize content, but it’s simple:

First of all, you can choose the long tail keywords directly as a topic, such as “What fruit to eat

Can whiten the word “!

Check it out, and it’s getting nearly 2,000 searches a week, which isn’t bad!

We directly searched for this word on various platforms, such as Google, Quora, public account, Toutiao, etc., to find several similar articles, and then integrated and sorted them out by ourselves, eliminating the duplicates and extracting the essence

Section, and then it’s easy to put together a nice article!

Article in the appropriate place to add a bit of their own bait, such as attention to a public number, free to get whitening secret oh, anyway, this is the meaning!

In short, the greater the bait value, the better the drainage effect!

In addition, the title of the article is very heavy

To, must include long tail keywords! For example, the title of this article could be written as “What fruits can whiten your skin by eating, especially reminding you that these fruits are most useful for improving skin quality”.

If your title does not contain this long-tail keyword, you will not be able to get it even if your article is included


The content is there, all that’s left is to release it! Collate good article batch release to a variety of high weight platform!

High weight platform included quickly, ranking effect is also better! About this kind of platform, you can find yourself, as long as you pay attention, you can find a lot!

Through the layout of a large number of long tail keywords, do a good job inside

Let, and then publish a lot, so you can get a lot of long tail keywords ranking, so as to get greater exposure!

This drainage effect is achieved!

In fact, drainage, very simple, the most important or execution…

Ok, that’s all for today!

Using free flow, daily drainage 100  accurate customers, how to do it?


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