Under the double reduction policy, primary school students have strong demand for rare products in the market, with a single profit of 300


Just look at the education and training industry, where a lot of new businesses have been closed. So now many parents let their children start online classes, including the children of relatives around them, every day is full of time, parents and teachers are very tight supervision, it can be seen that learning this matter is very important to parents,

Fear of falling behind.

In this environment, there is a product called error machine. To be honest, it is the first time for me to hear about this product. In fact, when I checked it, it came out as early as February 2019.

What exactly is an error machine? In fact, it is a small printer, alias called error machine, easy to learn

Students print out some often wrong questions and then review back and forth, saving the time of manual copying, can put their energy on solving and consolidating the wrong questions above, so called wrong questions machine, and it can indeed solve a lot of students copying trouble, so it was immediately recognized by the market. This is especially true now

After the strategy.

Now that we know this product is popular and in demand, how do we do it?

Want to push this product, of course, we can not also do a treasure a lot, go directly into the second, we do the network must use the network thinking to do.

First fix the relevant flow, is the treasure mother


The best way to bear hardships and have the ability to execute is to do the push, the choice of the way to push the effect is particularly good, to pick up the primary school after school, go to the gate, do an exhibition shelf written above you want to send things, a day to suck more than 100 fans is no problem.

Primary school students are the key link of the foundation, parents are relatively heavy

See, and the most important is a school time to pick up primary school parents more, so do a student group, the purpose is to get parents, after all, parents are the most spending power.

Online sorting out about more than 100 g primary school curriculum, magic of a treasure less than 10


Anything you want. First through sixth graders

Have, including Olympic math English and a lot of content, I estimate the primary school students to see a headache, but the parents are still more novel, similar to this information package is particularly much, organized must be enough weight, and then show the rack bubble net to earn to write free learning materials, just need to add wechat, and then through wechat

Send them a link. If you want more information just push my business card to the parents of the three students.

As long as the order is sent to the moments of the screenshot, start to do the activation every day, slowly improve the single amount.

So when you have traffic, what about the product? Direct Alibaba, a treasure must not, no profit.


Only a few dozen


Take goods, a treasure to sell 35 hundred, visible profit of this product average single profit in 300 or so, can have such a large profit space, mainly poor information and product popularity, plus its after-sales selling point, in order to bind users, we should also use community management method, parents concentrated

We also provide them with after-sale service, including paper supply and so on, which also has a little profit. You can cash out many times later.

Was it hard to watch the whole thing? Do a display rack every day to go to the gate of each primary school, of course, thin-skinned estimates can not do, make money also what face, as is

A workout? What if you’re alone?

Under the double reduction policy, primary school students have strong demand for rare products in the market, with a single profit of 300


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