A simple money-making project, a niche sideline with multiple revenue channels


After breaking the traditional barrier of poor information, the Internet has not brought us much information openness, but a higher degree of poor information. Of course, everything has two sides, there are not only challenges but also certain opportunities.

From a few years ago or even a decade ago, there were a lot of people who wanted to make money online,

There are also many online projects, from e-commerce to Amazon, from Weibo to blog, from writing to filming, basically each era has its own characteristics.

Novice want to make money online, it is best to find some relatively low threshold projects to do, what is the threshold is relatively low, is not much need what technology, simple marketing can make money

Projects, like virtual goods, are easy to market and make money.

So I’ve been seeing a lot of people sharing yoga videos on the Internet recently, and I think you might also come across a lot of short videos, which teach you to do yoga at home by yourself, like


B. It is shared in many places.

So this is the opposite

The tutorial is a good product that has a market demand, we found such a product by observing the market, how to make money from this product, the easiest way is to sell virtual goods.

At first, we still check the product through the market. We can search for it on certain websites or online

Cable this “yoga tutorial”, there are a lot of businesses, and monthly sales are not low, although the unit price is low, this depends on the quantity after all.

In addition, we all know that this virtual good has no cost, so selling one copy is the same cost, selling 10 copies, selling 100 copies is the same cost, so this term

You can go to batch matrix operation.

As long as the early preparation is good, selling this virtual resource alone can make money. Of course, this kind of consumer products based on female users have upgrade gameplay, which we will talk about later.

I’m not going to go into detail here on how to get this yoga tutorial product, like peer purchase

Buy or forum, magnetic download can, there is no special rules, we through their own channels to get the best, not all the same.

As for the realization of virtual goods such as yoga tutorials, we need to adopt a multi-channel realization method, not only limited to selling the virtual tutorials themselves, and guide users to add our products

Wechat, and then push fitness plan classes or supervision services are good.

We usually don’t charge too much for these virtual goods, such as the market price of 5 for a tutorial


Money, we’ll price it at 4


Or 3


In addition, the product should be attractive in appearance. Many people do not understand what this appearance is, in fact, it is

The cover of a product, such as you put it on a treasure, the cover picture of the baby is attractive.

Buy yoga tutorials this virtual resources, the first is accurate user women, want to follow the practice at home, in this case, they pay more attention to whether the posture is in place, if the product cover posture or your screenshot is more powerful, on

The second is for men, who pay to look at beautiful women. Here, as long as you cover a beautiful and sexy yogi, the conversion will be high.

After we do a good job of product architecture and front-end acquisition, the remaining problem is how to batch acquisition of users, here there is a problem, is drainage.

About quotation

Stream, here bubble net earn I recommend you a few good platforms, such as

Social networking Sites

, Station B,


All are good platforms at present, why the first

Social networking Sites

Well, because

Social networking Sites

Are more female users.

In the early stage, we can take some free lessons as bait. The purpose is to add our wechat for users.

Into our private traffic to slowly transform, can be a product can also be a gift.

Basically, what we can channel is the trust that has been established, so that when we sell the full version of the video course, it will be targeted. What one-to-one nutrition plan, tailored exercise plan, tailored weight loss plan

Row and so on.

Because we sell those virtual video classes is not these one-to-one special services to make money, virtual goods a price of 3 dollars 5 dollars has been the top of the day, and the annual nutrition diet conditioning recipe yoga development plan thousands of fees are appropriate, the specific price depends on their own.

Finishing these projects is not complete, than

If we can be flexible, sign up for our meal class can be worth hundreds of gifts


Or give personal videos to high-value yoga communities and famous yoga instructors.

All of these products that we sell are available on the Internet, like the nutritious meal plans that we can find online

More recipes, their own scientific collocation to give them the execution can be, like the famous yoga teacher’s private lessons, has been sold on the Internet are flooding.

As soon as this project comes to this point, you will find that there are a lot of money points in it, and most people only do yoga video classes when operating this project

A project.

What we have to do is to find a few high traffic platform, and then batch register the account, and finally through the wechat circle of friends marketing cash, like other projects of the same type can also do this.

One of the most important things to do a project is to find the right counterpart, because now this society, we are very difficult to set foot in

An industry without any competitive peers, then the peer before us into the direction of our learning.

A simple money-making project, a niche sideline with multiple revenue channels


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