Earn $300 a day in your free time.


Today I will introduce you to a zero cost, a day can earn 300 dollars part-time small project, article writing.

This is not a new project, is always existed a game play, writers have always had, the market demand has always been there.

Some time ago, I made a set of map station class, we have members to ask me

How to write an article, I gave him said everyone’s common gameplay, said you can do pseudo-original.

But he is too diligent, said the pseudo original also write, too troublesome, want me to find him a direct handling of the website. In line with the principle of membership first, I recommended several websites to him, who knows he is still not happy, said the article

Quality is too bad, he will not go to see, there is no way, bubble net earn I had to give him the ultimate killer card, find a writer to write.

Where to find this, presumably we often read my article also know, I first push three e-commerce platforms ah, Amazon, Second hand goods trading platform, spell more.

After he had finished talking to him, he compared the prices

Round comparison, finally in the Second hand goods trading platform above to find a college student to help him write.

Why do you choose Xianyu? Because there are still some thresholds for the two e-commerce platforms. You need to open a shop on the platform, which has a certain threshold. And then also shelves goods to do pictures of what, it is very troublesome, the most important is, Amazon and spell more

The above write agencies more, we all know the middlemen earn the difference, as long as there is a middleman price will be a lot higher. But Second hand goods trading platform is different, as we all know, Second hand goods trading platform above as long as there is Alipay can be directly opened shop, began to shelf goods. So many of the Second hand goods trading platform above are college students part-time or need to find

Look for a side business to take orders on it, it’s relatively cheap.

His demand is 1500 words of original articles, people asked for 150, the general market price is about 100 words 10


Later, he told the part-time college students that he needed to write every day, at least for a month, after some negotiation

Now, the two sides have settled on a price of 50 original articles.

After that it goes without saying, is a day, and the original degree is very high, doing part-time happy, he is also comfortable.

Let’s do the math. If we type 50 words a minute, 1,500 words a minute, we can write in 30 minutes.

In addition, if you don’t understand what you want to write, you need to read some materials. In this case, it can be 50 minutes. Then you can deliver and revise the whole article. Six manuscripts a day, that’s 300


Since this is a long-term cooperation, the price is relative

Lower. Normally, the price of a single order will be higher.

How big is the demand? Just to give you a sense

There are many types of writing, such as graduation thesis, I remember that bubble net earn I study, in order to write a good paper, specially in the off-campus to rent a house to write, think back to that time if there is a generation to write the

How good, it won’t be so painful; There are ideological reports, this, not to say more, understand all understand, every year fixed have to pay; There are copywriting, public number writing, speeches and so on.

Now that we’re done with market demand, we’re going to talk about how to do it, hang a link and then finally, we’re going to talk about how to write, right


There are those who like to write and we will not say, you can directly start to operate.

Let’s talk about how to operate not very good at writing, the same sentence, pseudo-original.

There’s a lot of talk about fake originality, like the Ship of Theseus, if we wash it clean enough, it’s originality.

In general,

If we do, don’t do anything too obscure, because it’s gonna be hard to find material. Take the specific ones, the ones with the template, find three articles of the same type and then we rearrange the manuscript, sentence by sentence, and finally the original. To put it simply is to say each sentence with their own point of view, the same is not the same

Have it. In this way, an article is basically completed and can be delivered.

After we write their own search for the original degree, the simplest is to use the original software query, 5118 there are free. Or the most direct, is in the Google search box to put a few words of their own article, as long as the page is not all

It’s red. It’s pretty much all good. Don’t deny this operation, yes, to buy a write, are they don’t want to go to the Internet to find trouble, we want to earn is they dislike the trouble of money.

Just said the last said to hang the link, this in the Second hand goods trading platform above hang generation write is not hung up.

You can see, hanging the text

Ghostwriting, it’s not searchable.

But there is a search for articles that have been written.

We can also just enter the article two words, the drop-down box selection

The specific details we study, copywriting on the study of peers to write, pay special attention to look carefully, write, write this kind of, one word difference may let your link lost

Effect, cause violation.

In conclusion, what we need to do is Second hand goods trading platform hang link, receive orders, draft, collection. If you type fast, you can write 3 articles in 2 hours, which is an average of 75 an hour, 4 hours a day, that’s 300


We’re looking for a side job, or maybe we want an extra side job

Friends, can go to try.

Earn $300 a day in your free time.


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