Zero threshold business project, three months to earn 100,000 case analysis, while playing to make money


One of the most popular projects right now is short video. Last year’s boom in livestream delivery made so many people realize its potential that all we can see are the records set by people standing on the delivery pyramid.

But such an opportunity seems to be a little distant for us ordinary people, ordinary

We have no team operation, no professional video shooting and live broadcasting capabilities, and few fans. It seems that this thing is too far away from us.

But this case is a typical one without a team, without professional shooting technology, and without hundreds of thousands of fans, but only three

A hundred thousand a month. The case cannot be perfectly replicated, but it is worth learning from.

Let’s look at the bottom picture

This is one with only 20,000 followers


Account, compared with the videos we usually brush, this account’s fans can be said to be very few. This is what we ordinary people are more upset about, no

What kind of fans.

We are watching one of his video content, which is a small game level when I was a child, full of Tetris. There are only 39 videos, the highest one is only 2.1W, and other likes are only four or five hundred. It can be said that we ordinary people can easily reach this level.

I also looked at his eyes

The frequency was first sent on December 25, 2020. That means I’ve only been doing it about three months now.

What caught my attention was his shop window. Let’s take a look at his shop window. There were all these small game consoles, and the price of such small game consoles ranged from 29.9 to 199.9

The amount reached an astonishing 3000 or so.

3000 sales for some big anchors is not a thing, but for such a number of fans and play volume is too much, the difficulty of the video production is quite low, is the simple phone shoot you play Tetris.

But the profits are considerable

The sales volume of 3000 is about 100,000 dollars even if the game console is 29.9 dollars, not to mention there are some high price game consoles.

Supposedly, video can’t bring such a high income, so it is possible to bring such a high sales can only be live, so I wait until late bubble net income

I went to his studio when I was on the air.

This do not see do not know, a look startled, bubble net profit I entered the time has 17 thousand people watching his live, more than ten thousand people watching him playing Tetris, mouth inside the non-stop interaction with the audience.

And then a purchased one pops up below

Link to a console on 39.9, and at this point 19,000 people were watching in just one minute. The live streaming effect can be said to be far more than his one video playback and the number of followers.

With that number of viewers, it makes sense that so many orders could be made, and there’s one more

Part of the live tip, you can imagine the profit is not low.

Reviewing the whole project, we can find that this project is basically no team to operate, otherwise the account is definitely more than this number of people.

Operation is not what difficulty, Tetris for anyone is casual play, this is all

Everyone’s childhood memories, watching the live broadcast when the hand itch, look at it, the price is not expensive situation is very easy to make a single.

And finally:

This kind of project can be said to be different from other main broadcast with cargo, which only introduces the function of the commodity. This is more entertainment live broadcast with a little fun, and the audience’s acceptance

Degree is relatively high, not interested will stay to see a few minutes, and this is the reason why the popularity of the broadcast room heat is so high.

Zero threshold business project, three months to earn 100,000 case analysis, while playing to make money


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