Foreign net earn: no brain copy template money project, novice a day guarantee 200


In the past, when I talked to you about various overseas projects, I always followed the principle that these small projects need almost no cost, or only require a very small investment, like the purchase of the mailbox, a few dollars.

Small investment to gain big returns, this is the purpose of our overseas money making projects, of course this big

Returns do not mean that the day, but in the future can be long-term, continuous stability to bring us benefits.

Today I would like to introduce to you another money-making project of mine. Of course, just doing these projects is not enough. Now I will talk about some strategies I used in this project to drive me to make money continuously


Today I’m going to talk to you about a money-making project that uses various templates to make money. You may be confused here, so I will analyze this project for you.

First, we go to the Template monster’s website, https://www.te, this is a digital product sales website, which has a variety of templates, such as e-commerce templates, WordPress templates for website building, HTML templates and so on. If you log in from China, it will display Chinese.

So don’t be confused at this point,

Instead of asking you to buy templates on this site and make money on Bubble, I’m going to show you a utility that will help you make money on this platform, and all you have to do is copy and paste what I did.

Ok, so let’s go to the top left All Products

As you can see there are so many different types of products, today we need to choose images to make money. We select Image Graphics, then go ahead and select Resume Templates.

When we open it, we can see that there are a lot of resumes that are being sold

The template, you see the template under the star is the number of units sold, 10 dollars per template


Around, can sell dozens to hundreds of orders.

Here you may be wondering, will anyone really buy templates on this? Of course, almost every template we can see sells, and the site has a good reputation overseas

Ring, which means it has a lot of traffic, so we don’t have to worry about sales. I’ll tell you how to create a better resume template than the one on this platform.

The advantage of this platform is that we do not need to communicate with customers, as long as we upload the template well, the whole process of self-service order, money

It also goes directly to our PayPal account.

Ok, so let’s go to the top right corner of the website and click on Start Selling, and then click on the red icon Become an Author to register an account.

If you sign up, or

Email, account number and password. In addition, this platform allows us to log in directly with Google account or Facebook.

So once we’re registered, we click on the login profile picture on the right, click on Bcome an Author, which means to be an author, and we click on,

For the rest of the page, we’re going to put a tick here and click I agree.

In this page, we need to choose what kind of template we are going to sell on the left side. There are many types of templates, so we just choose the resume. In addition, check the check box below.

Make sure you don’t check it


Make sure you don’t check it


To make your product free, click the next step in blue.

In this page, we only need to fill in some basic information, here we can refer to other people’s resume introduction, and then modify to make your own.

We both sell resumes, but the design style is different, in

The resume uploaded on this platform can always bring you benefits, that is to say, you can’t stand it, the website will always hang the information that you sell the resume, to the later stage is completely a passive benefit.

Next we go to crello’s website,

m/, we are going to create a resume template on this platform.

First of all, let’s go to the search bar here and search for Resume,

Then we can see thousands of resume templates, we just need to pick a few you like, and then modify the template.

I suggest that when you’re looking for a template,

Try to choose some different styles of templates, corresponding to different jobs or people, so that the coverage will be larger, as long as people buy, we can always make money.

Of course, we can also go back to the first website and find a template with a very large sales volume to analyze the style of this template, we

Also to find such a similar hot template, the probability of sales is greater.

Ok, after we find our selected template, click, and then click “Use” on the right side, you can modify this template, you can change the photo, you can re-edit the text, and so on, after registering and logging in first

To modify this, we register an account, how to adjust, here the Settings of the editor is very much, we operate more, familiar with.

After the modification, we will click Download in the upper right corner, then we will select the first PDF, and then click Download to download the resume

Let me write it out.

When we finished downloading, we went back to the first website, we came to the cloud below, this is where we are going to upload the resume template, these are the screenshots of our resume, you can open the resume to take a few beautiful pictures and put it on.

And finally, about withdrawals

If so, we can go to the top right corner of the website and find Billing, then find PayPal and fill in the relevant information.

There is basically no threshold for this project. As long as we follow our lead, work hard at the early stage, revise our resume and upload it to the website, we will be able to do nothing in the later stage

I’m not getting any revenue.


Foreign net earn: no brain copy template money project, novice a day guarantee 200


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