Zero threshold novice can do, carry virtual resource collection to make money


We all know that online to do virtual goods is very profitable, but also because of its zero cost characteristics, today I want to talk to you is not what single game collection or movie collection of that kind of virtual resources, through the integration of information, to make money.

Do virtual resources, we all know that there are several relatively large traffic platforms,

Is the need for us to do passive drainage, then we will find projects from these platforms in reverse, collection of the class generally have their own channels to cash.

I’m going to use several platforms as examples to talk about how you can make money by organizing this virtual resource into a collection.

YouTube Music collection

The reason why it’s so big

This time, we will focus on the integration of virtual resources, that is, how to make money in the collection category. In fact, there are a lot of collection videos in YouTube, such as this special domestic music collection.

This collection of music, he this update is still infrequent, basically possible

It updates about two times a week and has more than 90,000 followers, which is a very good number of followers on YouTube.

In addition, we can see the introduction of one of his video covers, all of which are compilations, music compilations, song names and so on. There are also many such platforms in China, such as watermelon video and so on.

Let’s open it up

Now, this music collection video, in fact, is just a picture, and then in the established order to play the song all the time can be, even mix cut does not need, the threshold is very low.

This way of account cash is also very simple, the first is the YouTube creator reward, the second is packaged music U disk, or Google network disk, the first

The third is to teach students how to do the project.

Like at home


In the previous stage, almost every film and television clip account was followed by two words, “accept”, which can go towards the direction of matrix. Music will not be outdated now or in the future, and this collection will not be outdated, because the content is updated all the time.


A collection of books

Here I take out an example of Quora for you to see, that is, this article, which books will make people feel that after reading, this is a common question on Quora, but it has more than 300,000 followers, more than 30 million views.

Do you think that number

A lot, which means that the question and the answer are highly exposed and heavily trafficized.

The following answer to this question, please take a look at him, after a simple answer to some polite words, he directly provided a set of table type of book list screenshot, and this screenshot with classification, such as what psychology, Luo

Thinking, writing and so on.

In addition, some Quora recommendation index of books is attached below. That is to say, he not only answers the books, but also lists the reasons why he recommends them. This is a standard template answer.

Using full screenshots to catch the eye, you’re really code one

Pile the names of books on top of the words, few people can read.

So the realization of this answer is the recommendation link of a bunch of books below, there are about 10 books. Everyone is going back to Quora good recommendation. When I was writing Quora before, I recommended a very good realization of this answer is to write a plan

Computer class soft text.

About the computer soft text, such as mobile hard disk, micro host, headset, mouse and button set, graphics card and so on, these many people actually do not understand these knowledge, then the recommendation is very key, and this kind of science and technology products of the article we wherever you want to spell spell change there is a bubble net income, and then with a good thing

Recommend, an answer can directly make money.

B station learning resources collection

In addition, it is also possible to organize some collections of other platforms like Quora. For example, some collections of learning materials on Site B have been arranged on Quora and are relatively complete.

This is a bilibili resource collection, up directly

A brain map is very striking, and this collection is also relatively comprehensive. His kind is somewhat similar to the above, which belongs to the answer of long-term passive drainage.

This answer, you may be very hard to sort out, one by one screening, but after leaving the answer, a year or two, can continue to create profits for you, because

Answer is always there, learning materials will not be out of date.

Of course, no one arranges resources like this now. Basically, they are copied and changed from other places, carried and made into their own answer template. We can also make a modification on this template and answer similar questions.

Because as long as it’s the return of the collection class

Answer, the first feeling is that the answer is very good bubble net earn, even do not know what is the content, just feel that the answer is very serious, in fact, most of the answer is handling.

This answer is to put the video resources of Station B on Quora, and directly link it. The way to make money is the public account, in the whole

An answer in the uninterrupted prompt you pay attention to his public number, reply keywords, you can obtain form resources.

That to the public number, this realization link I think you have a lot of answers in the heart, the realization of the public number is very much, this is the typical drainage to the wechat platform to realize.

I’ll take this form, too

When the form opens, there is a link to jump directly to B site for learning. Or we can add some of our own private commodity sites and supporting learning materials to realize the surrounding resources.

In fact, we went to various platforms in the early stage to organize and collect data, and so on. These are hard work, but as long as these resources

Put together, there is a very large realization value.

So if you can’t do content or you can’t mix and shoot video like I said above, you can also earn money through video, interested friends can follow this idea to try.


Zero threshold novice can do, carry virtual resource collection to make money


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