Earn tens of thousands of monthly shared account profiteering projects


If there are any profitable projects now, I think there are many, but there is one business that has been very popular in the past two years, it is the sharing economy, sharing bikes and power banks in the past few years, and now sharing umbrellas and so on.

To some extent, the sharing economy has made great changes to our daily living habits

And the sharing economy has been very popular until now. In the public perception, there are many business points that can be shared.

There is a core question here. Why does sharing become so popular so quickly? Besides the convenience of use, the most important reason is the high price of products and the consumption of the public

Low, low consumption here is not because of poverty, mostly because of low cost performance.

Luxury goods are not shared. Those bags and cosmetics worth tens of thousands of dollars are never shared, because people think that their value is directly proportional to the price, and often the shared things may just be our temporary needs.

So in this case

According to the law of the Blue Ocean of the Internet, if a good project wants to earn money and eat meat in the short term, it still needs to find a breakthrough point. For example, the capital-heavy project like bicycle sharing makes money in the bubble online. Blue Ocean is true, but in many cases, investors’ lack of understanding of the market leads to subsequent failure.

I’m going to be big today

Home is about sharing business on the Internet, this business investment is low, there is no capital pressure for novices, find the entry point, make money is actually very simple.

Sharing is simply leasing. We take out our own things and rent them to others for a short period of time. We still own them, but we have been working for them

We create value.

Then leasing, the relative price is cheaper, especially for some products with low cost performance, especially the Internet, will become the focus of the next sharing economy.

So the starting point for us to do the Internet sharing economy is the mass adoption of membership, many platforms, I think almost

All the charging platforms have a membership system, the membership system for us to do the sharing account to create a convenient.

In our daily life, such as shopping websites, video websites, download stations and so on, we spend hundreds of thousands of online membership fees a year alone, but most of the time we can not use, and there are

The member is not money can buy, need to recharge to a certain extent, obtain the corresponding points can be.

Many of us in the computer work, know these computer software such as word, Excel and so on, many people do not have a legitimate software, finally installed a WPS.


As we all know, some useful functions of these office software need to be paid to use, such as word, some functions need to open rice husk members, more than 100 a year, if rented to others, a person may only need 1 dollars a day.

The above gives you an example

How should we operate this project? I will explain it to you in three steps.

First, buy an account

This is the part of the project to invest in, of course, not only office equipment, such as game account, video account, office account and so on. It is OK to buy 10 accounts for a platform in the early stage.

We are going to

We will budget the daily rent according to the purchase price of the account combined with the market rental price. In the end, if we rent the account for one year, it will not be enough for the annual membership fee. We can set a price by ourselves with reasonable return.

In addition, it is suggested to buy the cheapest account, directly recharge the annual fee, or if there is a channel, directly take others

The shared account for the second time to rent, only to earn the difference, it is also possible, here is the remaining annual cost of the account.

Two, the platform

With the resources of the account, we will go to find the sales platform, the traditional e-commerce platform is a, the e-commerce platform is the traditional shop to do the account with the rental baby, this is in a treasure

It’s a lot up there.

I always think that QQ group platform is a good choice, often do project everyone knows, we can find a lot of resources in the QQ group can’t find at ordinary times, plug-ins and other things bubble net income, so if you can do QQ group screen is very good.

Direct rental of such accounts in QQ groups

Is a profit direction, group screen is nothing more than super member group name keyword optimization.

In addition, even we rent the account can use bidding to do, although the bidding is more expensive, but for some relatively scarce member account, it is still necessary, like the graph network, you recharge can only download

One-star works, must meet a lot of conditions to download three-star, four-star works, then the value of the old account is relatively high.

Three, drainage

We do this kind of shared account rental, in fact, there are a lot of repeat customers, only spend a few dollars each time, for the user is very high cost performance, then we take the initiative to drainage

Can attract a lot of users.

Just what we said in QQ group do screen marketing is a passive diversion, these accounts share QQ group, we go in to play an advertisement, this is also a good way.

Or some forums, like sharing forums, sharing websites, where we can post directly and leave our contact information,

Post bar also has a shared account, these bars are very accurate customers.

This project is a one-time investment. As long as we manage the right to use them, there is no difficulty in this shared account. It is just to get the account and promote it.

Earn tens of thousands of monthly shared account profiteering projects


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