Daily 700 fast hand small game project! 0 base for beginners!


Daily 700 fast hand small game project! 0 base for beginners!

The quick hand game project discussed in the circle yesterday.

In fact, there has been concern before, and the revenue can indeed.

Also due to the need for a little threshold, so it has not been operated.

And then yesterday there was a new, more experienced friend in the group,

The project is now on the agenda.

Income is stable and a long-term project.

Personally, I prefer long-term stability projects.

Because the profiteering project, is never those short and fast projects, but with the accumulation of time, the kind of project roll bigger.

For example


Memes, three months of accumulation,

In exchange for a monthly income of 5 figures, long-term stability, this is what we should be pursuing.

So why is the quick hand game easier to do. Because he has a threshold.

I believe we all know that any project, as long as there is a small threshold, it can filter 90% of the people.

And in a way, this

A threshold is not a threshold.

The only threshold for Kuaishou mini-game is that the creator needs to join an MCN institution to operate it, that is, he needs to join MCN and obtain the permission to publish mini-game video.

And the account is 0 requirements, 0 fans can join.

Once you get the assignment invitation, you can send it out

Cloth video inserted minigame link.

As long as you have people watching your video and people playing your game through your video, that’s revenue.

The unit price of games is super high, so the revenue is also super high.

The higher the number of plays, the higher the revenue.

Plus now official traffic support. As long as the video isn’t too trashy, it’s fine

To get a certain amount of traffic.

It’s just a matter of making more money and less money.

And the video is easy to make,

1, direct handling, this is not recommended, because it is not original, will not give too much flow.

2. Clip the video of handling. The results are so-so.

3. Video recording, that is, recording the process of playing the game, if you can explain it

Best, the game doesn’t matter, as long as you can play. This method is recommended

4, take a screen, that is, one phone to play, another phone to shoot. This method is recommended.

At present, these methods are the most suitable for beginners to get started, because of their simplicity.

Finally, the mcn organization is added. You can find free organizations by yourself

Join, join just to get a permission, will not have an impact on the income, are their own wallet withdrawals.

You can also go to teaching institutions to join, in a variety of ways.

That is to say, after obtaining the rights to promote small games, roll up your sleeves and do it.

Daily 700  fast hand small game project! 0 base for beginners!


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