Share a TikTok to make money, zero investment, a phone can make money at home!


If there are any projects that will still be paying dividends in the next five years, I wonder

Short video Entrepreneurship

I think it was one of them.

Now short video, not to exaggerate to say, is 10 years ago Amazon, 5 years ago wechat, as long as you can quickly enter, you can make money.

I have a female friend, she is a hot seller

Sugar is the kind of brown sugar that women eat during their period. She uses her culinary expertise to make various recipes from brown sugar and then posts them


“Has accumulated a lot of female fans.



At present, there are more than 500,000 fans, filled with 4 micro signals, and the monthly profit is about 30,000 or 40,000 dollars, which is

Is the charm of short video entrepreneurship, everyone has a chance.

In fact, it is not so difficult to do the original short video. There are complex gameplay, and naturally there are simple routes.

I’m going to share one with you today


On the very successful project, no investment, a phone can be done, and

Why not make money and improve your skills at the same time? Let’s take a look.

01 do


Meme number

I earn 580,000 dollars a month



Compared to book list number, copy number, and quote number, there are two biggest advantages to being a meme number.

One is rigidity

In this era of social software development, Dou

Drawing and Posting love packets have long been an essential part of chatting. Wherever there is social software, there are emoticons.

Second, resources are easy to find

, there are endless memes available on websites and Weibo.

Especially today’s young people chat with wechat, basically cannot live without emojis, sometimes a set of emojis own

But others do not, will feel very proud, this mentality may not be understood by many people, but it does exist, since there is a business to do.

Because most people don’t Photoshop pictures, and even if they do, they don’t take the time to do it. Most people only save them when they see nice and funny memes, and

We can give them a direct access point to memes and monetize them.

What’s more, the emoticons can’t be picked up directly in the short video. Those who want the original pictures can only honestly add them to our wechat, which is better than other ways of diversion.

Something like this


Meme number, for a short time

It’s easy to make fans. Sometimes, it’s normal for a video to go viral and gain thousands of followers overnight.

For now,


There are basically two types of short videos on emojis: 1: the video is paired with several emojis of the same series, and then the text to speech function is used to tell a joke. 2: Simulated expressions

Package chat process, with popular BGM, and then use the mobile phone recording function recorded.

Earlier, I also followed a personal account that targeted the sharing of memes, wallpapers and avatars. This account had a huge following


One of the works has 8.5W likes, if the normal probability is 10%

That means that one video alone reached nearly a million users.

The mode of operation is simple,

Hot + voice + chat screenshot + emoticons + hot background music

“, put wechat public number in the profile, if someone wants free emojis, will pay attention to his public number. Before you know it, you’re translating traffic to the public

Number, wechat.

After users paid attention to the public account, he would push an article full of emoticons every day. Within a short week, four or five popular articles were released successively, and soon reached the level of 100,000 followers, and found a suitable cash mode.

The average number of views per article on his official account is stable at around 20,000,

Every month

Just rely on the public number below the flow of the main advertising has been seven or eight thousand dollars of income.

The innovation of this public account is that,

Each updated meme can be edited for a second time by readers

, there will be a “donate” button in the editing interface.

The amount of each “contribution” is 1


To a few hundred


No, it’s this square

It’s not a big deal, but it doesn’t annoy users and can make thousands of dollars a month.

(Memes from a public account are rewarded)

In addition to tips, the most profitable part of this public account is that he has a



Join the membership Group

, that is, pay to enter the group fetch graph.

Users just need to click the menu at the bottom of the official account

After the order, it will be redirected to an H5 page, which is

Very noticeable 9.9


Entrance to the community


Based on the screenshot of the page below, we can see three key messages:

1. More than 58,000 people have joined the community;

2. After joining the group, you can enjoy 5 kinds of VIP

A privilege;

3, 9 block 9 permanent drawing;

PS. This H5 page is in

The micro engine

You can find similar small programs or all kinds of open source, paid class source code, and can be done out of the box, very convenient and fast.

Let’s estimate his returns. He’s


Based on the timing of the first video,

It has been about seven months since September 13 last year.

This means that in just seven months, the ship owner’s profit has reached 580,000 dollars.

At present, this public account is still in stable development,


There’s a steady stream of fan traffic.

In addition to the fans to the public number precipitation, do community selling

Cash out of members,


On the other side, with more and more fans, you can eventually sell the number for cash. (Because of the general emojis, wallpaper numbers such as account


It’s hard to answer advertisements)

Take the account with about 200,000 followers as an example, it can almost be sold at more than 10,000 dollars, of course, just the income of an account.

Usually the number is sold

Based on batch operation, even if an account operation a month to sell ten thousand words, then ten accounts batch is very considerable.

As long as we understand


Suction powder, drainage cash of the whole system, to create the next


In a matter of months, it replicates this pattern indefinitely, in a loop, matrix hair

Exhibition, will be able to bring us a steady flow of cash.

02 What Can I Do?


A meme number?

However, want to do such a cow account, with the efforts behind is inseparable, people must have their own unique method to succeed.

How to successfully operate a number, this is the most important, we should learn

Do some research. To make such a picture and video, the first question to be solved is where does the emoticon image material come from?

In terms of materials, we can develop them from the following two aspects:

First, just search the Internet.

1. Search “emoticons” on Google; 2, spell a lot, Amazon to buy, a few dollars thousands of pieces, the disadvantage is the expression

Bags are mostly out of date; 3. Wechat search, there are many public accounts dedicated to the publication of love packets; 4. Pay attention to peers and get the latest source materials from them; 5. Micro blog.

Second, make your own memes.

If you want to make a special emoji video, the best way is to make your own emoji, we can go online

Search for images and then create them with simple online photo editing software.

You can use Google to search for online production of emoticons (click to view), or look for online production generator of emoticons in wechat mini program. There are some useful online production tools of emoticons that I know

SOOGIF, doudou

Tuula, flower bear, etc


Generally speaking, these software are directly modify the content of the copy can be operated almost without any difficulty.

How to make it?

In the previous content, there are two types of emojis video content. The first type requires us to dub, which is a little troublesome, so it bubbles up

I personally recommend the second simulated meme-chat process.

We just need to open the clip, input the entry copy, convert the text to speech with the text-to-speech function of the clip, import the chat screenshots, emojis, add picture effects, transition effects and popular BGM output.

Due to the meme update Diego’s

It’s very fast, so it’s best to keep up with what’s trending and what’s trending memes, and the combination of memes and trending memes has a higher chance of going viral.

There is also the video collocation copy is very important, choose GIF than picture emoticons more easily popular, copywriting is best from these three perspectives:

Slotted point

Have resonance, have interaction


Specific copywriting sources are as follows:

1. Popular music reviews of various music apps, such as NetEase Cloud Music and QQ Music;

2. Copywriting for Quora, emoticons, public accounts and micro-blogs;

3. A meme of a peer or popular short video.

It’s not complicated to make. Sometimes it’s just

There are too many tutorials on how to make emojis on the Internet, and many short video platforms, just to see if we want to learn.

How to cash out?

1. Divert to wechat signal and public account. Because this kind of emoticons will be more difficult to receive advertisements, so it is best to divert to the back-end of wechat cash, which

We have a choice of ways in which we can cash out.

2. Sell memes on wechat. Some are sold by the group function, and some are sold directly in the emoji mall. The highest price is 9.9, and the lowest price is 0.9.

3. Pay for knowledge. Make money from people who want to make meme videos, and there are fees for these classes in the industry

Up to 668


/ A person.

4. Short video account for sale. Make short video platform accounts of different types of emojis, and sell the accounts when the fans reach a considerable number. There are many trading platforms of such “we media” accounts on the Internet. It is OK to choose a reliable one after multi-party price comparison.

The above mentioned several, the premise is to need our Lord

Dynamic drainage can be realized, and there is a passive drainage realization method, that is in

Shopping platforms sell virtual resources


We can collect popular emoticons on various websites and sell them on Amazon, Xianyu and other platforms. We can pay attention to the keywords and descriptions. Even if several orders are completed in a day, they can be accumulated in a month

That’s a lot of money.

At present, this project is still in the dividend period, short videos are gaining momentum, and emoticons have always been the demands of wechat social chat, especially the favorite of young people. If the two are combined and properly guided, good profits can be realized easily.

03 at the end

In fact, meme numbers have existed for a long time

Precedents, from the old Tieba to Douban to Weibo, and then to the current fire


Kuaishou and other short video platforms, this project has always existed, it is a very old project.

Only the drainage of each platform is different, but there have been people operating, that means it still has a strong vitality.

Because the fans need

For the sake of large amount, as long as there is an outbreak of video content will bring good traffic, but also help other content to get traffic, it can be said that it is easy to form a stable virtuous cycle.

And the operation difficulty is not high, the editing technology is very low, that is, the picture set template, even if the novice, skilled operation after 5 points

Zhong can also do a meme video, very suitable for short video business

A novice


The only difficulty is don’t give up halfway, don’t send three days, no traffic feel no way, and then give up. If this mentality, do any project will not be successful, the key to the success of the project is whether we will day in and day out

To repeat, to summarize.

Regardless of whether it is useful, insist on 1 month, 5 minutes a day is not much time, nothing to do friends can try, maybe there will be unexpected harvest.

Well, that’s all for today

Share a TikTok to make money, zero investment, a phone can make money at home!

Share a TikTok to make money, zero investment, a phone can make money at home!


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