A simple money-making project, We media sent a single monthly income of more than ten thousand


As a kind of sideline money-making project, we media has always been popular on the Internet, and its long-term stability is generally relatively high. As long as the platform of we media is stable, after our accumulation in the early stage, we media can make more or less money in the future.

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As a classification among so many we-media, there are more

In addition, this kind of “we media” has a demand for order acceptance and release, that is to say, there is a promotion and realization relationship between merchants and bloggers.

So how do we get here

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I mean, besides being your own blogger and your own project,

There is also one of the most important way to cash is to send orders, we take over the merchants’ advertising orders, and then docking to the following

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Blogger, so not only earn the price difference, but also earn the performance of the business.

Then the biggest problem of this project is the connection between the upstream and downstream. If we can break through this connection, we can receive orders

Then it will be very easy to answer the advertisement.

Let’s talk about how we connect upstream and downstream, and how to maximize our profits.

Send order is also known as the intermediary, then we first have to find the resources of the business, because the resources of the blogger is too easy to find, and most bloggers are more willing to accept this

A kind of order to make money, so the merchant’s resources are more important.

So to find businesses, there are certain screening, first of all

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Positioning is grass to make money, so we first look for is a class of businesses, such businesses generally have the need to promote their own products, we first determine whether there is in

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Advertising needs can then be further communicated.

Here we only look for the person in charge, looking for other customer service and the like does not have much effect, to find the main person in charge can be through a way, is the national enterprise public notice or eye check, here we can find a lot of e-commerce query information, then there is

A lot of information about the boss corporation.

This is why so many corporate telephone will receive a lot of various advertising messages, only to find the responsible person in charge of the store, in order to promote the platform advertising correctly.

Third party notification platforms also have relevant information, such as several in

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On the announcement

Better platform, in fact, is to receive orders and put single platform, red notice, group notice, crab notice and so on, there are many businesses through these platforms

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On the promotion, we can see the contact information, and then add business friends to talk.

In addition to connecting with the e-commerce platform of the merchants, we also want to connect

Bloggers, because only enough bloggers involved in various fields, we can receive more types of promotion orders from these merchants, because many of the promotion is not a category.

Then we’re gonna have to

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Find some more active bloggers, all fields can, we will be based on one of their fans later

To arrange a reasonable advertising list.

We are in

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Find all kinds of accounts directly on the platform, and go to the private chat blogger when you find them. In fact, there is no problem in this way of private chat on the platform itself, but if you guide and add wechat chat,

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Often is not much like the bubble net earn, that this time we use the word

Be a little more subtle.

In addition, like the announcement platform we mentioned above, we can not only find businesses, we can also find bloggers, then we only need to register a business number can go in and leave their own contact information, in this way, there is a demand for talent will take the initiative to contact you.

In addition to the market


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There is also a more concentrated way to play the pie order, that is, group order. Why group order is better

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And the quotient mono-group can be extrapolated from each other.

We can go from the beginning into a group to the later pull group, interchange group, and so on, and then we have

A large number of bubble online income, in so many business groups, we then proceed to the next step is very simple, but also can directly achieve our goal of connecting with the master.

In fact, it is very easy to connect with the talent, if you are often asked, you should know this way, such as the other person is the clothing blogger, then

Can directly ask him a “hello, the account to accept clothing advertising?” If so, we follow the copywriting on the line, let the blogger see first.

There is a more important place here is that the master’s account diary must be more than a few, it is better to start to promote after, in addition, we are in the

A strange blogger consultation, can send three sentences at most, so do not nonsense, directly into the theme on the line, if he did not close your words, your chat only at 3 sentences, expression also counts, so to send the text as far as possible to consider in advance, develop the corresponding template.

So far,

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It is also in the breakout period, and the performance of all aspects is still good. There are many channels to make money on the platform. In addition to the normal receiving orders, we operate one

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Grass is also a good choice.

A simple money-making project, We media sent a single monthly income of more than ten thousand


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