Disc an online cold project, novice easy to enter tens of thousands of dollars a month


When doing online projects, we must try our best to get closer to the niche areas, because the niche projects have little competition, which is more suitable for inexperienced newcomers to get started. If the marketing of the niche areas is done well, the order will generally be faster.

Take virtual goods for example. E-books, office documents, movies, TV shows, music, photo packs, and so on are all resources. I

What we see is often a business, such as selling knowledge, PS tutorial, form tutorial, PPT tutorial and so on. It is very rare for someone to sell film and television resources to sell PPT class.

The choice of virtual goods, in fact, there is no difficulty, a small number of unpopular virtual goods are generally the first choice, because of competition

Small, high activity, and those extremely hot resources are not suitable for us new to the industry to do.

A good virtual goods can continue to bring us revenue, and in a certain area is often used, otherwise very cold very cold resources, most of the year no interest, also sold

Not going out.

I also discovered this virtual resource project a few days ago, namely the font file. Why is the font file a newly discovered project? Because many fonts on the market are copyrighted, and it doesn’t matter if we use some fonts randomly in daily life, but the commercial platform will be criticized by others

Sue for infringement, in the personal blog site, this thing is very common.

There are also some fonts without copyright, just because they are beautiful, so they have a certain value. We can sell these free commercial fonts.

The monthly sales volume of these fonts is basically very high, with the turnover of a single set of fonts in the hundreds to thousands of no

Etc., it seems that there are still a lot of people to buy, we can also go to Google search index there to understand the demand, to see the level of the search volume.

If we do decide to make a virtual resource for this font, we should have these fonts on hand, or we should have various series of fonts, which are easily available online for free

The font can be downloaded arbitrarily, a font package is several gigabytes.

After all, they have already sorted out these things for us. However, I do not recommend you to set up such shops online to sell them. After all, copyright issues may be involved.

Then we have to find another way,

Give up the online shop this profit channel, do virtual goods, especially individuals, similar copyright issues should have a certain amount of attention, in some e-commerce sales platform or can not be put.

So, the following bubble net earn I and you recommend a few can cash channels.

Just post it on YouTube

Google post bar now seems to have become all kinds of marketing

Master of the flow pool, in addition to some relatively large bar, now also very few people club, that everyone in Google post bar drainage marketing to sell goods, we can also.

Search for fonts, design, graphic design, etc., find some professional bars, and then do your own advertising marketing in these bars.

The most recommended

The method is to find a peer, peer advertising we can be directly used, marketing text properly do implicit point, if you can write a small story in the advertorial opening, the effect will be better.

Download station

You can build your own using some pagoda tutorials and WordPress themes

Simple download station, you can put the fonts you find into the download station for sale, you can sell a set of fonts separately or you can sell the download members of the whole station, of course, general download station, membership may be 19.9


Right and left.

How much is the cost of a download station? The rent of a server is about 40 a month

The price of buying out the new domain name for two years is about 100, and the theme can use WordPress for free, about 150


This website can be set up around here.

Second hand goods trading platform

This platform has advantages and disadvantages, the advantage is that there is no need to open a shop, upload treasure

Shellfish can be sold, and the platform traffic is very large, general goods placed on it can be sold.

The disadvantages of Second hand goods trading platform is also very obvious, that is, the platform does not allow the sale of virtual goods, how to define the parties have been different, so we must sell on Second hand goods trading platform, can go free, postage is

Your selling price.


The most practical and reliable way is to transfer to wechat, update the new font in wechat circle of friends send marketing copy, this method is suitable for long-term accumulation, after a certain purchase group, you can pull QQ community.

The biggest advantage of QQ group is that you can put the previous font resources into the group text

Pieces for everyone to download, convenient unified management, and the precise fans of these fonts to a certain volume, later want to push some design courses are not too big problem.

Through the above four channels, can quickly attract users to do a good job of their own profit back end, although the unit price of font this resource is very low, but

A good front end will have a higher income.

Disc an online cold project, novice easy to enter tens of thousands of dollars a month


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