Zero cost money project, hot virtual resources drainage cash


I have shared with you a lot of projects that rely on virtual resources to cash in, such as YouTubes with music USB flash drives, such as ebook marketing groups, etc., which can be operated on the ground. In fact, virtual resources to make money is nothing more than to find some high-quality and scarce resources, and then sell them through promotion means.

Just like

Today I want to talk to you, the use of film resources to make money, a lot of friends want to do, do want to throw, why, because can not find high-quality resources.

Film resources What is quality?

Rare source HD visual experience, every movie is available in HD or Blu-ray, and even if not,

Later also have the HD version of the repair, but exactly on the market spread are some pseudo HD.

Another is the film source, we almost can’t find a lot of movies on the Internet, really can’t find, even if found may be castration version, in fact, does not say how the film itself, may be mixed with some times

Feelings or bad habits and so on, and be forgotten.

There are some new films released, people are eager to use this resource to do drainage, but can not find the film source, at this time, this kind of film has no quality at all, even if the gun version, there will be a lot of people want.

That want to engage in the movie type of virtual resources to make money project, first

The first step is to find these films so you can sell them with what you have.

Access to film sources

There are many ways to obtain movie resources, such as magnetic search, peer purchase and so on.

I also summarized some methods for you here, let’s talk about the new movie acquisition, the best way is straight

Join the group, before we should be able to often see some film agents, circle of friends often send some classic movie highlights, which is also a means to guide us into the paid viewing group.

These groups often publish some hot, new movie resources, after all, these groups still need to be maintained, regardless

How are they going to update it? We just have to do what we can.

Here it is recommended to enter some paid QQ groups, the price is usually not more than 10


Money will get in, and this group often torrents new movies for people to download or share links to some platforms.

Of course, we can also make our own movie seed, certain search

The use of comet tutorial, do seeds, we can even their own promotion link, private station, two-dimensional code and so on all put up, in order to achieve their own drainage effect.

The second way is to go on the e-commerce platform to buy, although now the management is more strict, but like spelling some, there are still some

In addition, some merchants now sell data storage, also have movie download services.

There is also a way to get resources is to become an agent, film and television agent level down can get first-hand resources, this is also a good method, but to find a reliable, film resources itself may be infringement

The last one suddenly stopped playing, which is often the case.

With these resources, the next step is drainage, as long as the flow channel, the hand brick can also sell treasure, right, and the use of hot resources drainage effect will also be very good.

Resource Promotion

For the promotion of film and television resources, bubble net earn I only suggest two

Direction, like what post drainage, tribe or question and answer these, need a certain amount of experience and peer imitation ability, otherwise it is particularly easy to register.

The first direction of drainage is QQ group screen, get new film resources to seize the time to QQ group to build a few movie named group, and then find a third party paint group

Active, the several groups of brush to the search home page, so that you can achieve a monopoly QQ search engine traffic.

Then the second direction is wechat SEO, here there are more branches of wechat SEO, such as the ranking of public number articles, or the keyword layout of wechat circle of friends, because wechat increased the wechat index

Function, also comes with its own traffic.

So we use these two ways, can continuously obtain accurate movie fans, but also passive natural search traffic.

Realization of drainage

Movie resources, generally we are stored in the network disk, then some paid network disk is our choice, what is paid network disk, just don’t

People download this resource through our link, we can get a certain share.

Like city network disk, noble network disk, a mu wo network disk, etc., is a good platform, the specific income, you can go to test, the use of these network disk to sell their own movie resources, after all, the network disk comes with the relevant

Key word ranking.

Another important monetizing platform is wechat. Most of the users who use this free video diversion are boring fans, and it is basically impossible for this kind of fans to have a high customer price transformation, most of them stop at 10



If we build our own movie-watching group, we will stand alone or act as an agent

Film and television stations to share the link to them, to earn platform promotion fees is also a good choice.

Up to now, some people have been operating film and television resources for several years, but some people say it is outdated, just like the e-commerce, everyone knows that now is particularly saturated, but there are still a lot of people to try, there are a lot of people making money.

Project this thing, as long as someone is doing, someone must be making money, the platform that does not make money has been eliminated long ago, but now less initial dividend.

Zero cost money project, hot virtual resources drainage cash


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